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We Got To Work With Global Brands Of Our Liking While Studying, Ft. Mansi B & Sumedha K, SDABAC

A holistic MBA journey involves global exposure; working with global brands during your internship and learning from international faculty and peers.

How This B-School Nurtures Exceptional Women In Business Ft. Dr. Mohua Banerjee, Director- IMI Kolkata

“Women in all fields come across multiple challenges that they overcome to march forward. I am no different” – This is a thought-provoking excerpt in the words & experiences of

How This Scholarship Helped Me Transition From Mechanical Engineering To Finance Ft. Aniket Kulkarni, TAPMI

During High School, while working part-time at the library, as a resolute teenager, Aniket Kulkarni decided that he wanted to pursue mechanical engineering for his love for Formula 1, but,

IMB Admissions And Placement Opportunities Based On Your CAT/NMAT Scores and Profiles, Ft. SDA Bocconi Asia Center

We are at the time of the year when students are in the doldrums with the choices that are there in front of them. From making the right choice of

Blooming Careers In Finance - The Silver Lining Of The Pandemic Ft. K J Somaiya Institute of Management

Are you looking to specialise in Finance but aren’t sure how the pandemic has impacted the sector and how its future would be? This live webinar is an exclusive opportunity

Unilever Changemakers 2021-An Exclusive Opportunity To Kickstart Your B-school Journey With Unilever. Applications Open Now.

Unilever Changemakers is an exclusive opportunity to immerse yourself into the world of business and brands and build a strong foundation for your management studies.

Why You Should Go For A Specialized Finance Course After Your CAT Results?

Now that the CAT results are out, you must be wondering what are options best suited for you. Basis your interest, finding the right program for you often becomes a

Make Your Passion, Your Profession - Careers in Sports Management Ft. K J Somaiya Institute of Management

The sports industry is nearly half a trillion-dollar industry worldwide. In India, it is one of the fastest-growing spaces owing to the entry of new leagues like IPL, ISL, ProKabaddi