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Raghuram Rajan

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When Ex-Governor Raghuram Rajan Visits Your Campus - Bhavith Sunkara, IFMR GSB KREA University

Back in the days when I was preparing for CAT, I used to read through a lot of articles to improve my reading comprehension. Articles of Former RBI Governor Dr.

Raghuram Rajan Is Not Done, Yet - Finance Guru Tamal Bandyopadhyay Speaks

That the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) would not cut its policy rate in the August bi-monthly review was almost a given. To that extent, there was no surprise in

We Are Richer and Yet We Feel Poorer - Views From Prabhakar

While India revels in its 7%+ GDP growth rate, decreasing inflation levels, over a 1 billion mobile phones in the country, 220 million smart phones, and as the only country