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SNAP 2015

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SNAP 2015 Analysis And Cutoffs

SNAP successfully completed on 20th December. There were many versions of the paper (booklet series) where the question order was jumbled up. There were reports of students getting up to

Cracking The SNAP

Today we have Rahul Rana,a SNAP taker 2013, giving you a few tips on cracking the upcoming SNAP exam.

A Strategy For SNAP 2015

SNAP test is going to be held on 20th December 2015. SNAP test is taken as the written test for entrance to 14 Symbiosis institutes including SIBM Pune, SCMHRD, SIIB

Boosting Your GK For Entrance Exams

GK is an important part of most entrance exams like CMAT, SNAP, TISS etc. which generally students tend to overlook because their major focus is on Quant, DI and Verbal.

Important Topics For Logical Reasoning - SNAP 2015

The Logic section has 60 marks weightage of the SNAP exam. It has 30 questions of 2 marks each. This section is relatively easy but very lengthy. Many students spend

Important Topics For Verbal Section – SNAP 2015

This section of the SNAP 2015 exam will have 40 questions. You must try and allocate not more than 25-30 minutes for this section. The important topics are as follows:

Important Quant Topics For Entrance Exams

There are so many topics in Quant. But a few topics are very important and should not be missed out on. It has been observed that some topics have been

Compilation Of Mistakes Before An Entrance Exam

This is a compilation of mistakes what other people have done before their exams. The quickest way to become wise is to learn from the mistakes of others.