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How Internships Make B-School Students Job Ready, Ft. Anubhuti & Soumya, ABC, SOIL

In this video, we have Anubhuti and Soumya, two SOIL School of Management students, talking about their experience of getting their internships and how it opened up new doors for

Empowering Future Leaders Through Experiential Learning | InsideIIM Documentary at SOIL

Ever noticed how the best ideas often come when you’re lost in your own thoughts?

Salary in Consulting Post Career Switch, Life After MBA, Choosing the Right Course | Years Apart

Hey there! Ever wondered what happens when two MBA graduates with almost a decade apart career differences cross paths? well, you’re in for a treat in today’s video of 'Years

Take A Seat In A Design Thinking MBA Class To Understand Quick Commerce, Ft. SOIL

We are back with another interesting Take A Seat video, a video property where we get access to various B-school classes to understand how the actual learning takes place.

Maximise Your B-School ROI in 2024 || Fresher & Experienced Candidates Ft. Anil Sachdev

How to calculate your ROI before selecting a B-school, how important infrastructure is, and how to figure out which curriculum is good for your career – Instead of asking your

Should You Switch Your Career To HR? Ft. SOIL Institute of Management, Gurgaon

We went to SOIL Institute of Management to understand more about the one-year PGPM course on HR that is offered on the Gurgaon campus.

Take A Seat In A Design Thinking Classroom At SOIL

We are back with another classroom experience, this time from SOIL Institute of Management.

SOIL: Campus Life, USP, Courses, Placements & More | KYC

We are back with yet another episode of KYC (Know Your Campus) for you, and this time around, the Campus in question is Soil (School of Inspired Leadership). We went