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Settling For More, TAS Autumns Batch 2021

We are extremely pleased to introduce our TAS AUTUMNS BATCH 2021. We wish them all the luck as they get ready for first leg of the journey. Here's to 'Settling

Want To Know More About The Knick-Knacks Of Projects Offered In First Year Of The #TAS Program? Ft. Anshul Gupta

Want to know more about the knick-knacks of projects offered in first year of the #TAS program? Let's begin with Anshul Gupta's first year project experience at Tata Medical and

Featuring Delightful Memories From The GOAL Journey Of #TAS Batch 2021

Featuring delightful memories from the GOAL journey of #TAS Batch 2021. We wish them all the luck as they embark on next leg of their adventure. To many more TAS

Here Is Our Second #VOXPOP For The Week! Ft. Blesson Gregory

Here Is Our Second #VOXPOP For The Week!Featuring Mr. Blesson Gregory, TAS Batch 2014 and 3 words that pop in his mind when he hears #TAS!

3 Things That Come To My Mind When I Hear TAS, Ft. Anish R., TAS Batch 2007

We are super excited to feature our very own TAS Vox Pop with Mr. Anish Raghunandan, TAS Batch 2007. He speaks about 3 words that come to his mind when

Life Mantras By TAS Managers, Ft. Varshika J K I TAS Batch 2019

Beat the Monday Blues with some wise Life Mantras from our TAS Managers. Here's a 'Life Mantra' from Varshika, TAS Batch 2019.Tata Group #TAS #TAS2021 #SettleForMore Tata CLiQ IIM Bangalore

Life Mantras BY TAS Managers, Ft. Hasneen Sheela Shereef I TAS Batch 2017

We are pleased to share the next insightful LIFE MANTRA for you from Hasneen Sheela Shereef, TAS Batch 2017.Tata Group Tata Consultancy Services IIM Lucknow #TAS #TAS2021 #SettleForMore #lifemantras

Paving The Way To Settling For More I Ft. Subham Sinha,TAS Summers Batch 2020

We are delighted to inform you that Subham Sinha from TAS Summers Batch 2020 has been declared the National Winner of the coveted Business Standard Best B-School Projects Award. From