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In Conversation With Mahafrid Billimoria, TAS | India's Top Campus Recruiters

Campus Recruiters are the first people you meet even before you join a company. They are the ones you have to prove your mettle before you can even begin your

How Tata Motors Markets Its Cars Ft. Nakul Gupta, Head Of Marketing, XLRI Alum

Driving is one of those rites of passages which we all look forward to. From getting your driving licences, to buying your first car, they are very special moments in

Careers After MBA - Category, Retail Management Explained Ft. Mayank Jha, XLRI alum, TAS

What is it about retail stores that make loyal customers? Is it their loyalty programs? Is it the position of the stores? The branding? You’ve certainly seen a bunch of

What Makes Vistara One of The Most Preferred Airline Carriers, Ft. Sachet Ahuja, TAS

What makes someone take the same airline? Is it just the cheap prices and the food on-board that push them to take up a particular carrier? Or is there more

We Found The Staff Who Helped Sachin Tendulkar With His Stance In A Day, Tony S, Taj Hotels, IIM K

Imagine working at and for the most luxurious places in the country and abroad. For Tony that has been the case for the last 6 years, working as the Corporate

I Had My Fears Taking Up A Tanishq Sales Role In Delhi | Ft. Anusha Rani, Tata Group, IIM Kozhikode

After passing out from IIM Kozhikode, Anusha Rani stepped into the world of Tatas. As a TAS officer, she worked in Tata Motors, Tata Steel, Tata Sky, and Tata Trusts

The Life Of An IIM Ahmedabad Alum At TAS | InsideIIM Career Podcast Ft Navneet Sadani

What draws an IIM Ahmedabad student to the Tata Administrative Services? Is it just the brand TATA that does wonders or there is more to it! How does it become

How To Start An E-Commerce Business For Millennials | InsideIIM Career Podcast - Ft. Sidharth S, TAS

Businesses don’t become big overnight. The sunrise businesses of today are going to be tomorrow’s legacy business and for that, understanding the current market place and trends are very important.