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Should You Quit Your Job To Prepare For CAT This Year? Perspective From A 99 Percentiler Who Quit His Job

Irrespective of where you stay or what you do, 2020 was an unusual year for everyone. I am no different. I was due to complete three years with my organization.

IIM Calcutta's Selection Criteria Released, CAT 2020 Analysis By TIME, IMS & CL | MBA News Ep. 29

The past week has been very busy. Right at the beginning of the week, IIM Calcutta released its latest selection criteria, and so did IIM Nagpur. The week ended with

MBA And High Work Ex | Patience To Placements

Disclaimer: An optimistic experience of a relatively high work experience B-School Student, sleepless first semester nights, summer internship selection maze, ‘Best Intern Award’ and whatnot. Many B-School students might resonate

How A Working Professional Cracked CAT In The Second Attempt

'Multitasking is the art of messing up several things at once'

Yes You Can Do It - Decoding The Conundrum Of Preparing For CAT As A Working Professional

Unfortunately, this is not a heroic story. It is the story of the journey which almost every CAT aspirant goes through. I was among thousands of those students who pursued

From Office Cubicle To IIM Classroom After 9 Years Of Work-Ex: Story Of A Fashionable Father

Rarely do we come across candidates who thought of pursuing regular MBA after almost nine years of work experience. Not only did he think of doing an MBA but also

Learn While You Earn - The Perks Of Part-Time MBA

One of the biggest factors you need to consider when pursuing an MBA is not only the return on money invested but also the return on time invested. With busy

The Tough Call - Quitting My Job To Prepare For B-School Exams

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood..." - Robert Frost