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RLLE Mela 2020 - XSRM, XUB


An Enriching Summers Learning Experience At BRLPS (Jeevika), Bihar

My happiness knew no bounds when I saw my name among the 14 shortlisted students from various colleges across India selected to intern with Bihar Rural Livelihood Promotions Society (Jeevika),

It Was The Summer Of Twenty Nineteen – Shweta Srivastava – XSRM

“45 villages in 3 districts and 250 SHG women”, the temperature was at 47 degree Celsius in Madhya Pradesh! That was my internship project in a nutshell. The challenges I

Driven By Enthusiasm And Hard Work - Summer Internship Diaries - Cyril Bastin M - XSRM

My internship at Kudumbashree NRO is about Digital Marketing and supply chain of Kudumbashree's e-commerce portal. There are days that passed with uncertainty, cluelessness, lack of clarity on how the

Internship Diaries - My Journey So Far! - Sahiti Pandey - XSRM

Rural Yellow Times Pvt Ltd is a marketing company which is into rural promotions, international exhibitions and campaigns. During my internship, I was assigned to work upon several small projects.

15 Things I Learnt During My MBA - Arunish Paul - XSRM

I just completed my two years of MBA(RM) from Xavier School of Rural Management (XSRM), Xavier University, Bhubaneswar (XUB), and as I reflect upon my time, I compiled a list

The Only Thing Constant Is Change - Nipunya Panda - XSRM

It is almost funny how little one observes when a set of conducts and choices, largely governed by one’s own personal range of emotions and perceptivity, gets metamorphosed. Although, that

Xavier School Of Rural Management (XSRM) - Final Placements - Class Of 2019

The Xavier School of Rural Management (XSRM) Final Placements report for the Class of 2019 has been released! A total of 112 students participated in the final placements process at