That Time of the Year – For all the second-year B-Schoolers in India about to say goodbye

It’s that time of the year…

…When year-book testimonials are written. I suppose all engineers have experienced this phenomenon before. I didn’t have the concept of a yearbook at the college I graduated from, and the whole process was so much fun for me! Most girls, and guys too, pose a few times to get that awesome yearbook picture (but no matter how great you look in the picture, you will probably still laugh at it 10 years later because of the memories!)

…When you visit all the favourite eating places “one last time”, at treat after treat. And regional dinners are held (Ok, those are probably only at XLRI :P). I think my stomach will never completely recover from the gastronomic delights of those 2-3 weeks last year!

…When the last exam is written. And not a single soul cares about grades, for a change!

…When you interact with any of your favourite professors the last time, and thank them personally for a good learning experience.

…When you go for “the” B-School trip with your entire group. Almost all of XLRI can be found in north-east India or Bhutan. Maybe at other colleges, it would be Goa. Well actually, it doesn’t really matter where you go, the carefree feeling is all that matters.

…When you attend the last crazy party on campus and dance till dawn (among other things!)

…When you don that hat and gown, sit down altogether as a batch, and officially receive your “MBA”. Throwing the hats in the air – what a feeling!

…When you find yourself wishing “Just one more day/week/month here, please”. I found myself wishing it once. But then I realised that the additional day/week/month may not have all the unpredictable elements that B-School life did on a normal day, all those things that made me love it in the first place.

…When you feel that work will never be as much fun as the two years in college. That may be true. But when I returned home the last time from XLRI, a friend said something great – “I hope you find many more XLRIs for yourself wherever you go”. I haven’t yet found it, but am hopeful of the future!


The author is an alumnus of XLRI School of Business & Human Resources (Batch of 2011). Currently working as a TAS Manager, she has worked with Goldman Sachs (Global Investment Research) in the past. A graduate from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce & Economics (Batch of 2007), Miti has also completed her C.A.


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Miti Vaidya

Miti Vaidya is an alumnus of XLRI School of Business (Batch of 2011). She is currently loving her job as Product Manager of and is part of the leadership team at InsideIIM-Konversations. Prior to this, Miti spent 5 years with the Tata Group as part of the prestigious TAS programme. A graduate from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce & Economics (Batch of 2007), Miti has also completed her C.A.