Placements at MISB – Student Career Growth – Pre and Post PGPB

MISB Bocconi is happy to have played a role in helping its students achieve a significant step-up in their career after completing their 2 years at MISB Bocconi.

Given below are stories of some our students and how their career has evolved in these two years :

Charandeep Kapoor, a B.Com (Hons) graduate, had his previous Sales and Marketing stint at Pathways Marketing and Consulting Group. Charandeep or Charan has been one of the revelations from the Class of 2016. As a Placecom Member, Charan was an enthusiastic and active member. Charan landed his Final Placement through a PPO from Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages with whom he interned last summer in the villages and small towns of Karnataka, with a 333% growth in CTC with reference to his previous stint. Despite his difficulties with the language, he managed to turn things around and use such hindrances to his advantage at times.



Aakriti Agnihotri, a Mechanical Engineer with a sales and marketing experience with Geo Informatics Consultants kick starts her management career with the telecom giant Vodafone with a 976% growth in the CTC. Aakriti has easily been one of our most driven students from the Class of 2016 and was the first student in the batch to bag a summer internship!



Radhika Gupta, a B.Com (Hons) graduate, had a tremendous body of work during her time at MISB Bocconi in her passion that is Luxury & Fashion. Coming from a Management Consulting background and having worked with Ernst & Young in the advisory services division, Radhika was able to pursue her career in Luxury & Fashion thanks to the several, specific Live Projects and readings and elective courses at Bocconi Milan during her Specialization Semester. Her dedication and perseverance along with her preparedness were exemplary when she was one of two selected candidates for H&M India which helped her garner a whopping 6x growth with respect the CTC!



Jasmine Khanna – Coming from an an IT background with a flair for developing personal relationships and strong academics, Jasmine has been one of the best students to graduate in the short history of MISB Bocconi. With a flair for fashion and supreme presentation skills, Jasmine had a fantastic Summer Internship with L’Oréal India. Jasmine juggled her married life and academics seamlessly to pass out as one of our top performers. She will join Future Group’s Business Innovator Program soon.



Gautham, can talk a mile and more, but with deep thought and analysis. Always wanting to better himself and those around him, he was an active Chief Students Placement Coordinator, who tackled all issues and concerns with enthusiasm and diligence. Coming from a Finance background that included the likes of Barclays and Goldman Sachs, Gautham has now bagged the role of a Management Consultant with Universal Consulting along with an 84.26% jump in his CTC.



Mukesh Kumar, an NIFT graduate with a couple of years of work experience with LifeStyle (a Landmark Group company), Mukesh Kumar interned with Benetton India. A solid student, Mukesh displayed excellent affinity for numbers and was one of our top students. Wanting to pursue Retail Operations, Mukesh will work in the Landmark Dubai  managing seasonal planning of 250+ stores across Middle East and Africa across 12 countries.



A detailed placement report will be available soon.


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Vishal Vernekar

Its dubious as to why the packages are only mentioned in term of raise and not actual figures (in INR or USD). Did the students make so less in remuneration before to be able to pull off a whopping 976% raise? That’s definitely way beyond industry even a Teir-1 B-School ( by that I mean IIM) standards!

MISB Bocconi

Hi. We have just gotten our PGPB2 report audited by Crisil. The same agency that audits IIMA reports. We have to respect student privacy in not indicating their individual salaries.No school does it. The student who has received 976% raise was almost a fresher and performed extremely well in the final placements. If you want, our Highest Salary so far for this batch is about 19.5L. Bocconi is a new name in India but our legacy globally is 113 years old.


This if for the first time that a BSchool uses pre PGDM salary as a comparator. Let’s analyze your statements. Usually Coca Cola salary in CTC terms stands at 16 LPA. For that student to increase his CTC by 333% he must be making 4.5 approx CTC which is usually the case with most IT companies. Nothing great. Next someone got a 976% hike. Highest CTC in a startup BSchool like MISB would be somewhere around 18 LPA. For a 976% hike in CTC, he must be earning 2 LPA before. This is not rocket science. Comparative percentages are not a good measure of success. Take any BSchool, someone earning 0 LPA and now making 12 LPA had an infinite increase in CTC. These are not useful metric and mostly misleading.


Why is it misleading? If Coca-cola is offering 16 lakhs per annum it means a student at MISB earns 16 lakhs – which in itself is not bad to be honest – not sure how many business schools can boast of this. So I think the school is marketing itself well. It is using a different metric – to entice people to see value in the MBA degree and in their own school. I see nothing misleading here. The important question to ask is what is the investment that goes into this – tuition fees. A comparison on that front is fair. So joining MISB vs IIM or MDI or SPJain and their investments etc.


my bad. it’s actually some back end FMCG role with a 10.23 LPA job at Coke. And please not use MDI and SPJain for comparison with a school that sprung up3 years back..


Edit to above post. Apparently you guys are not as thourough as I thought. One of your pages has revealed the name and salary of the person who got that Coca Cola job and disappointing to note that his CTC is now 10.23L. Which means it’s a back end FMCG role. And getting a 333% hike implies his salary must have been 2.3 LPA. This is the story of all participants. Pre and Post comparison is unfair and kindly not use this to ensnare candidates.

MISB Bocconi

First : The idea of this article is to indicate individual successes where MISB Bocconi has been a facilitator for the students.These are students anywhere from 8 months plus work ex and hence almost a fresher. The idea is to indicate that as a school we have managed to have our brilliant students get to a point of drawing such salaries in just our 3rd Placements season itself. Secondly As you have rightly pointed out, these students might have been drawing anywhere from 2L plus and then they have received huge increases right after their PGPB. How is this not an indication of their performance and success?
As a school we are going to be extremely transparent and for the same reason, we are going to release our PGPB2 placement report which is audited by Crisil (the same agency the audits IIMA )

MISB Bocconi

@RajeshK: Can you please share where you have seen the figure of 10.23L pa because that figure is our average salary of last PGPB2 batch and not the pay of the student you are indicating. The student would be joining as Management Trainee and no backend work. We are more than happy to engage in discussions which are true and has some grounds.

Charandeep Kapoor

@rajeshk: I think you are being misled when you state the salary and the information about the role. I got into the “Golden Threshold Program” of Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd. which is their flagship Management Trainee Program which is offered to other top business schools in India as well! Now I don’t think it would be wise to publicly discuss the salary or the details of the job role, but you can confirm about the MT Program from your other reliable sources. I would be happy to address any of your further query.