The Hues Of IIFT

I see the days as they transition from the cool pink of the evening skies to the blinding yellow of the summer sun beating down mercilessly on the parched Earth. I remember the charcoal grey clouds as they engulfed the sun and provided respite from the scorching heat. I see the lush greenery of Sanjay Van and sand colored obelisks of IIFT jutting out into the sky, standing there and weathering the elements, narrating a tale to anyone who listens.

I will describe my fortnight as IIFT using colors I observe in Delhi summers. The first week was similar to a wild day where the sky transitions a thousand different times, from a mild and soothing blue to a wild mélange of pink and orange, and finally ending with the darkest black with just the littlest hints of yellow as the sun peeks out of the morning sky.

It was pitch black and suddenly there was a blinding light. I approached it with excitement and caution. The brilliant white light of the bulbs in the auditorium seemed cold, distant and suspicious as I made my way into the auditorium. I remember the color change to a warm yellow like that of a daffodil in spring as I prepared to start this journey of two years with a hope in my heart and a prayer on my lips.

I remember the next few days being a mix of a dull grey, a bright fuchsia and a celebratory red as I experienced all the emotions on the spectrum. Making my way through the sea of black ties and navy-blue suits, I did things I never thought I would do.

But the color I reminisce most fondly has to be the deep red, signifying a moment of triumph in a group activity that I collectively won with a group of brilliant people whom I hadn’t even known a day before.

I remember the royal blue of the academic atmosphere as I counted my self among the smartest elite of the country. Feeling gratitude and honor as I took on a position of responsibility in the Quiz cell, something that I’m passionate about.

I see the somber violet and a dazzling streak of a defiant orange painted across the sky as the sun puts up one last fight, and I remember the times I felt homesick and lost, drowning in a sea of unknown and the comforting hands of my new friends, lifting me up from the morass.

And finally, I remember all these multitudes of the colors come together and form a beautiful blend of many worlds, which brings with it a promise of a brighter tomorrow. And as I write this in the backdrop of a calm blue evening, I feel inspired, filled with a renewed energy, and with one aim in my mind: To reach for the sun.


ABG Company:

My desire to reach for the Sun, will go through the path of Aditya Birla Group’s Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprises Pte Ltd. A company that carries with it, 40 years of legacy and countless accolades.  I wish to be a part of this international undertaking so that I can work with a diverse group of people comprising of multiple nationalities and ethnicities on pressing problems, provide solutions that satisfy the clients and are aligned with the ethos of the company. The opportunity to work here will provide me with the learning opportunity of a lifetime meanwhile facilitating me to contribute to the company.

IIFT Placement Commitee