The IIM-L Time-Turner

I rushed to the examination hall and took up my seat. The Finance quiz begins in another two minutes. Thanks to the IIM-L time-turner that I could take the quiz and also attend the seminar at the same time. After all IIM Lucknow has so much to offer to its students that you want to miss nothing. The variety of subjects, the range of seminars and the potpourri of events have made learning such a craving for its pupil that time becomes a crucial factor. IIM-L being a constellation of supreme brains came up with the concept of time-turner. Now time-turner is a time-travelling devise that enables you to be at two or more situations simultaneously. Hence the prodigies of IIM L can attend more than one class at the same time. Obviously they were inspired by Professor McGonagall’s gift to Hermoine in the Harry Potter Series. But the fact was it worked. Now device had become the favourite neckpiece of the IIM-L students and they were bagging knowledge like never before.

The time-turner had made my life simpler too. Now I did not have to prioritise things, I did not have to boggle my head on what to choose and what to drop. Comfortable days with the number of activities even more than the count of hours in a day! At times it used to get tedious but it was fun too. Even if you miss a lecture due to oversleep, a twist on the devise and you are right there in the class making notes.

So the quiz was about to begin. I sat there bursting with confidence. Ten-on-ten was a sure deal. The prof came in with the bundle of question papers. I felt like grabbing a sheet from him and taking the test after all I had attended all the lectures of Finance. Thanks to time-turner! My classmate passed a question paper to me and the countdown began. Question one…NO…what’s this? Question two…When did the professor teach this! Question three…bottom-up investing???  I am dead! Not a single question which I could answer. What was happening? It seems the Prof had given a wrong question paper. I got up and in rage rushed towards the professor standing right at the door. Bang!!! My head hit the door and next I woke up with the professor knocking on my head. He asked in a worried tone, “Are you okay my child?”

Hospital!!! Did I crash my head so hard? I was looking for my time-turner to twist its pendant and get back to the Finance quiz. I wanted to avoid myself from banging into the wall. How embarrassing would that have been! Where is my time-turner? I never take it off. I asked the professor about my time-turner at which he exclaimed, “WHAT TIME-TURNER? WHAT’S THAT?” I raised my eyebrows in suspicion. Why would the Prof react like that? I next questioned my friend about my gadget and the same response. Finally, I decided to look for it myself. I tried getting up from the bed but my fractured leg did not allow me. The plastered leg confused me and I looked at my friend in surprise who said, “Don’t worry buddy. Now that you are up from a long sleep, you will back in the football ground within a couple of weeks.”


This article is written by Vartika Jaiswal, a class of 2016 student at IIM Lucknow and a core member of the Media and Communication Cell. She is an avid dreamer who keeps her glasses on, even while sleeping.

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IIM Lucknow's Media and Communication Cell (MCC) serves as a communications liaison between the Institute and the external world. MCC also acts as the community building platform of IIML and ensures that all the student activities and initiatives at IIM Lucknow receive public recognition



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