The Mighty Battle of Two Cities at IIM Kashipur

The Mighty Battle of Two Cities

Yes, I know it’s a very weird discussion which might lead to wars bigger than Kargil, hatred/anger larger than Hilter’s. But I, hailing from the commercial capital (Mumbai) and my friend from the national capital(Delhi) were always fighting over which city is better.

Without any reason we acted as if Mumbai and Delhi are two countries and we were the elected leaders to pitch for these two places. So personal were the discussions that we wouldn’t speak for a day or two after the fights. The discussions and the hatred for each other’s cities were so intense that at times,we even wished we did not get summer internships in these cities. We would unite people in a jovial mood to back us us but these fights would sometimes turn a little personal. I used to get all the Marathi people together and my Delhi friend would do the same thing only with his band of merry people from North. Thanks to the batch diversity at IIM Kashipur, we have people from all over the country. But to his surprise we have close to 15% Marathi people in IIM Kashipur. The one question he would always ask me – if you guys are such huge city patriots why did u come here and how is it that you guys like it here.

We would never have an answer but just to save our backs and not look smaller, we would make up some random statements. But deep inside even we felt that yes, we love it here. Be it the food, or the way they call pani puri as golgappas, the way they eat momos, different names for vegetables, the way they need a beer with chicken, we like it all. But we were still not ready to reach a conclusion as to which city is better.

Since IIM Kashipur is located just 30 kms from JIM CORBET,  60 kms from Nainital and numerous other beautiful hill stations, we would often get comments – “Itni thand dekhi hai kabhi!!, Itni greenery dekhi hai kabhi, and the best one- itni space dekhi hai kabhi!” We would then compare all this, with the joy of sitting on Marine drive, having food at the chaupati, sea food and a lot more and put out counter statements.

To our surprise or the destiny would have it –  I(from Mumbai) got my summer internship in Delhi and My Delhi friend got it in Mumbai. Both the companies are really good, both of them had their offices in major cities but then why did we get what we never wanted.

The discussions came to a halt for a while till it started again on 1st April when we landed in each other’s cities . During my internship there was a time when I had to board an early morning flight 5:30 am. I din’t mention it earlier, but I felt Delhi is little less safe as compared to Mumbai when it comes to travelling alone for girls. I had to reach airport before 4:30am, so I had to leave my place by 3:15am. Booked a cab, phone fully charged and GPS activated, messages sent to my close friends and family. And calling my brother through another spare phone were my only measures to ensure I reach safely. I can never explain the fear & the endless prayers that might have gone that night. With little speed deviations I would suspect something fishy because Pepper spray was not an option then. But I reached safely with not even a single jerk on my way. The first time my perception was challenged by my own experience. But yes, this not only changed my opinion but my parents as well both about Delhi and OLA. (:P)

After 15 days, I and my friend talked and guess what, I couldn’t stop talking about Delhi and he couldn’t stop talking about Mumbai. Ohh wait!! Did I just say talking. It should be praising, loving, enjoying and all the words that gives you a feeling of joy. For me Delhi is a wonderful place – I liked the people, the weather (though hot but not that humid), less traffic, variety of places to hang out, shop and yes the biggest hit goes to the Delhi Metro.

Within no time I made really good friends from office who also have the same perception about Mumbai not being a good city to live just like my friend. But now I don’t enter into any arguments, praising any city. I just look at them and feel may be one day they will get a chance to stay there and realise no city is good or bad, it’s our perception that makes it so. If we change our perception the whole world can change because now I am looking forward to getting a final placement in Delhi more than in Mumbai.

Eagerly waiting for the Placement season to start at IIM Kashipur!!