The power boosters in college

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Are college clubs and committees of any utility to students? Do they add any value whatsoever to the students who participate? Aren’t they another example of “Too many cooks spoil the broth”?

It is quite relevant to ponder upon whether the clubs are a distraction in a space where students are supposed to learn. Here are my two cents on the debate.

In an age, where multitasking is increasingly becoming important, the need for an individual to have more than one skill cannot be overemphasized. In club activities, typically an individual is involved with a lot of things. The lines between different verticals in a club are so blurred that one ends up doing multifarious tasks no matter how specialized one is.


Organizations, typically, face the twin issues of limited resources and even more limited time. A professional’s life is constantly bombarded with thin deadlines and not so sharp tools. Alongside, imagine a typical college going student’s life in a day. Along with the tight academic deadlines, he /she also has to manage club activities, walking this tightrope with all the skill at command. Doing so, however, one definitely learns the art of time management.

The being in us always strives for an environment where we can express ourselves freely and completely. The rigorous academic framework which involves cut throat competition and time bound assignments are often an impediment to such free expression. The club environment, however, offers ample space and opportunities to express the self.

Lastly, it is our passions more than the routines that catapult us to meaningful progress. The zest and enthusiasm which we bring into club activities are the fuels that drive our persona and possibly the careers ahead. Also, club activities offer an exciting break and are ideal stress busters for a modern day student who is constantly on the run.