Top 20 Blogs To Master Machine Learning

Machine learning entails the giving of computer systems a certain capacity for learning to continuously enhance performance in certain tasks using data but without explicit programming. It is closely linked with computational statistics concerned with making predictions using computers. To learn more about machine learning, here are the top 20 blogs to check:

  1. Machine Learning – Reddit

Available, this blog has articles and discussions on machine learning. The Reddit community posts around 84 posts every week on this platform.

  1. Machine Learning – Google News

Operated from Mountain View, CA on, this blog has comprehensive coverage of the latest news and development on machine Learning as drawn from various sources around the globe through Google News. Visitors can expect to get about 42 new posts every week.

  1. Machine Learning Mastery

A Melbourne, Australia blog available at and operated by one Jason Brownlee who has a passion on helping developers by guiding them on how to get started and bravely use machine learning to handle complex situations. Jason posts 4 articles each week.

  1. Machine Learning Weekly 

This is a hand-curated newsletter on machine learning and thorough learning offering at least 2 posts each month through @datarade and @ alirezasmr.

  1. Google Blog on Machine Learning 

Available at and operated from Mountain View, CA offers two posts on a weekly basis with great machine learning posts by Google.

  1. MIT News – Machine learning

This blog at communicates to the media about the achievements made by staff, students, faculty and the MIT community in general. Readers can expect 2 posts on a monthly basis.

  1. Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog site is Cortana Intelligence’s official blog operated from Redmond, WA. It provides updates and news from the team as well as the community. Two posts are done weekly.

  1. Stats and Bots – Medium

This blog available at is operated from San Francisco, CA and offers practical steps on machine learning alongside codes and applications. It is both good for beginners and for experts offering a post a week on great old methods and trends in data science.  


From Greater Boston Area, the site offers great resources for studying data science and machine learning. Posts are made once each month. 

  1. FastML

At, there is everything to do with machine learning and generally on data science. It has interesting machine learning subjects while at the same time keeping them easy for reading in an entertaining way. The site is managed by Zygmunt Zajac. There will be 1 post made each month.

  1. Machine Learning (Theory)

Available at, machine learning theory is John Langford’s experiment on how a blog can be applied to academic research in learning theory and machine learning. A single post is made on monthly basis.


The site is operated from Corvallis, OR with a tagline: “machine learning made beautifully simple. “It offers a platform to help operationalize machine learning in organizations with a post made weekly.

  1.  DatumBox

This blog at provides information statistics, machine learning, Artificial intelligence and apps on online marketing and software development. Visitors should expect a post per month.

  1.  Machine Learning blog 

Operated from London, United Kingdom, provides useful information on Machine learning. A post is made each month.

  1.   Ayasdi 

This blog teaches on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence. An article is posted every month.

  1. Diving into data 

A blog on data mining, machine learning and visualization available It is operated by Ando Saabas of Microsoft and has been working on Skype team’s data. A single post is made on a monthly basis.

  1. The Spectator

This is a DeepMind, London site available at and operated by Shakir Mohamed. He makes a post each on month on statistical machine learning, Bayesian reasoning, deep learning, variation interference, reinforcement learning and AI South African.

  1. Mierobot

Posted with 2 articles per month the India-based touches on deep learning, machine learning and DIY robotics. The site has a simple roadmap that can be used.

  1. Calculated Content

With this blog, readers will get thoughts shared on machine learning and applied AI at The owner, Charles H Martin, PhD posts one article each month.

  1. Machined Learnings

This blog is available at and is operated by Paul Mineiro attached to the Microsoft Cloud and Information Sciences lab.  A single post is made on a monthly basis.

A lot of input is being made in the area of machine learning and this has led to the establishment of various blogs on the same. Professionals are into providing useful information both to beginners and experts in the field. Here are the top 20 blogs used to help those with interests to master machine learning today.

Scarlett Gibson

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