TripHippie Aims At Connecting Global Travelers To Local Experts

Three men and an idea

Two’s company. Three’s crowd. We’ve all heard that. But that’s not always true – at least not for TripHippie, a dedicated platform that aims to connect global travelers and adventurers with local experts.

The start of the start-up

Sarbojit, Vijay, and Tarun, alumni of NITIE, shared the passion for travel. But they realized during their college days that it was extremely difficult to plan trips to remote locations in the country. Despite having some of the most enchanting locations in the world, a platform to get in touch with a local expert in these regions was almost non-existent. While the trio went on to work for different companies after college, their nights would be filled with dreamy discussions on how to give wings to their idea. When two more members – Vivek (alumnus of NITIE) and Vignesh (a former Intelite) joined the group, they understood that the time was ripe to finally hit the ground running. And thus was born TripHippie.

Current Scenario

The differentiating aspect being that TripHippie tries to partner with the grassroots level experts, removing layers of middlemen. This not only makes the cost of travel substantially lower for the traveler; it also helps support the local community directly. “We at Triphippie are always haunted by one single question: How to create value, with the help of technology, for offbeat travelers while giving the unheard local experts a platform to reach out to the world? With the internet penetration increasing along with increasing smartphone usage, large number of adventure experts have started using social networking to reach out to new customers. However this is much unorganized and Triphippie as a platform is trying to organize this market.” – said Sarbojit, co-founder of the startup. We have already created a feature rich app for the local, grassroots experts which helps them to connect with the remote travelers. The Indian travel market is currently more than USD 7 billion and adventure traveling stands at INR 500 Cr, which is almost 1 per cent of the entire market size.” He also point out that the market size of experiential and adventure traveling have reached 60 per cent of total travel industry for countries in Europe and US. “The idea is still very nascent in India.”

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Sanjib Kumar Dass

Every dreamer is not a doer and every doer is not a dreamer. You people have the deadly combination of being a dreamer and a doer. When most people of such esteemed institution like NITIE, IIT & IIMs are running after a higher pay, better perk or bigger promotion, you people are courageous enough to run after your dream and passion. Starting a new venture may require a lot of time but it also requires a vision, passion and courage. Best Wishes to the team.