Very meaningful, impactful and memorable journey for our son!

With no desired option left while searching for a good, responsible, ethical and inspiring institution for our son after his graduation, we were contemplating to send our son to the United States. But fortunately we came to know about School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) while reading a business magazine. We visited SOIL before applying, and we could feel lot of positive vibes – it felt so different from other institutions that we had visited earlier. We were delighted because we found what we desired. And we felt from the bottom of our heart that this is the place where our son should study.

From caliper to convocation it has been a very meaningful, impactful and memorable journey for our son. Our son has learned tremendously from the highly knowledgeable, versatile and articulate Mr. Anil Sachdev, distinguished faculty, personal mentor for each student from across all sectors, and action learning project. Add to this the industry relevant curriculum co-designed by a consortium of several reputed companies, invigorating discussions, theatre sessions, working with NGO’s one day a week, along with wellness program, conferences and appreciative inquiry. And a special mention to the grading system where competition is not with others but your own self – where every student can be a role model – what a fantastic concept.

A week at Sidhbari in Himachal Pradesh was one of the most memorable and healthy experience for our son. Imagine, all this happened in just one year! That’s amazing! This learning expedition at SOIL has nurtured and enhanced smart execution skills and thinking process in our son. We feel so fortunate that our son has studied at such an inspiring institution where ethics and other highly vital values are preached and practiced in the highest order. We know it’s not easy and therefore we salute SOIL for such healthy practices in these times. We too believe SOIL is a vanguard of change in building India’s future through relevant and values-oriented education. We thank SOIL for providing a wonderful learning experience to our son, which not only gave us happiness but also sheer fulfillment.

Organized brilliantly, the Convocation ceremony was also a fantastic experience. Along with the views, and feedback from the parents and their questions answered genuinely, the ceremony was graced by eminent speakers who delivered wonderful speeches. Mr. Anil Sachdev’s speech was really heartwarming and touching. We owe a lot to SOIL and it will always have a very special place in our heart.

By Manisha and Shalabh Jhalani
Parents of Kushagra JhalaniHR Leadership Program | Batch of 2012-13 | School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL)

SOIL Gurgaon

School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) founded in 2008 and a member of the AMBA development network is among India’s leading business schools. SOIL was co-created by 32 companies with the aim to build global leaders that make a difference to the community. SOIL’s new 2 Acre Green campus in Gurgaon - School of Business Design will begin offering a new 2 year PGDM in Business Design starting in 2018 and will offer the best of business, design and liberal art management education to students. SOIL now offers 2 recognized programs – One-year PGPM in Business & HR Leadership and & Two Year PGDM in Business Design