Virtual Tour Of Factory In Tamil Nadu, Sitting In Mumbai!

A wise man once said there is only one way to lead a fulfilled professional life, “Find out what you like doing best and get paid for doing it.” Hence one of the most important decisions a student has to take is making the right career choice. It will not only determine how passionate he will be towards his work but also eventually challenge the status quo in order to gain excellence. To help students explore Operations as a function, Marico organised an Operations Bootcamp – a workshop aimed at building students’ perspective towards what they can expect when they select a career path in operations of an FMCG firm. The Bootcamp provided a one of its kind experience for the students in terms of knowledge sharing and a platform for an interaction with Marico’s luminaries, such as the Chief Supply Chain Officer.

The students experienced the FMCG life as they understood various aspects of Operations in the industry like its structure, teams, roles etc., especially in the Marico context. The heads from all the verticals of operations interacted with the students in their respective sessions. Starting with procurement, then supply chain and finally manufacturing, the workshop detailed how these areas function in the organisation. Students also remarked how the operations leadership at Marico solved all the queries of students and answered each and every question. This gave the attendees a lot of clarity on what their roles would be working in these domains.

The highlight of the event was a virtual tour of the Perundurai factory wherein students got to see various processes starting from raw material handling to Finished Goods dispatch sitting in Mumbai itself! VR or Virtual Reality is a technology where a user feels that he is a part of the environment in which he/she is physically not present. It was an amazing experience to see students moving in different directions and exploring the factory. Not only was it an instant hit amongst the students but it also increased the participation to another level. VR happens to be a buzz word these days but very few people have actually experienced it. VR being a technology that promises to provide a completely immersive experience to its users, the participants got a chance to learn and witness the various aspects of manufacturing in an engaging manner. Using a VR application and headsets equipped with stereoscopic display capabilities, students were able to get a realistic 3-D view of manufacturing being done in plants.

Students also got an opportunity to meet the Chief Supply Chain Officer, Mr. Jitendra Mahajan. He touched upon the upcoming opportunities in the industry like consolidation of warehouses post-GST, IOT etc. Not only did he answer students’ career-related queries but also questions related to his personal choices as well as a professional journey in the operations function at Marico.

The students had an enriching and insightful experience at the Operations Bootcamp! They felt that they were now in a position to make wiser decisions about making their careers in the supply chain of an FMCG Organisation!

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