“Are you well wrapped, Sir Ji?” | IIM Rohtak

I was yet another confused soul when I started my master’s. IIM Rohtak had always had an edge in the marketing domain, which made me slightly more inclined towards the specialization. But I was far from sure, I needed help. Fortunately, it came soon enough for me.

It was my first lecture at the institute, and my excitement was sky-high. After all, it was a marketing class! I thoroughly read the pre-reads, as asked by the professor via an e-mail. I was well prepared and all set to participate in the class discussion. It was time, I was at my designated place. Our professor, considered by many (now including me), to be the ideal marketing professor, had already come. He closed the doors, took the attendance and to my surprise, opened an excel sheet on the desktop. An extremely professional ambience could be felt by all of us. The class, including me, looked at the projector screen dumbfounded. He typed the random number generator (randbetween), entered some values and pressed the ‘enter’ key. The cell showed 16. The random number generated was 16. Then he spoke for the first time, “Who is roll number 16?”. I was gone! It was me!

I was called on the stage, in front of all. The aura that was created had intimidated me big time. I somehow gathered myself and went there, trying to seem confident. I was wearing my fresh light green t-shirt, and brand new flip-flops, both of which made me feel good. The professor asked me to sell a product. And there was I, blabbering about the benefits and saying all sorts of good things about my product, until I was interrupted by him. He asked me a simple question, which blew me. It completely changed my perspective of looking at marketing and the world at large.

The magical words uttered were, “ARE YOU WELL WRAPPED, SIR JI?”

Those words made me think, as to what I was wearing, and would anyone even wish to listen what I say? I was not wrapped well myself. I lacked professionalism. Apart from a marketing lesson, I learnt professionalism that day.

I feel I have grown as a professional and am much more ready to be a successful professional who is ready to learn more. I am now looking forward to a successful career in marketing and have never been more certain.

Which Aditya Birla Company would I want to work for and why?

I would want to be a part of the Aditya Birla fashion and retail group. Modern retail has always fascinated me. I would like to contribute to the company with innovative ways to better the modern retail chain.