What good is a MBA Degree?

B-School Name: IIFT Delhi

Name: Vinay Biradar

Team Name: Pseudo Managers

Team mate Name: Saurav Singh

Refuting the article http://insideiim.com/things-you-wont-learn-in-an-mba/

MBA is the most popular post graduate course in India going by the sheer numbers of students who enrol every year. This leads to a peculiar misunderstanding in society, which I would like to call the “fool’s syndrome”. This later effectively spreads among the enrolled students as well and by the rule of averages, everybody starts believing in the falsehood. The things that one doesn’t learn in a MBA are the most bizarre things to count on because there is practically nothing that MBA can’t teach. If one is interested enough, MBA teaches far more than one could ever imagine or for that matter learn.

Now let’s look at the Goebbelsian propaganda listing down things that one can’t learn in a MBA

Doing Business: Saying MBA cannot teach you doing business is same as saying a computer does not compute. Yes, it is that bizarre. One cannot negate the very foundation on which a MBA course is built. People talk about Bill Gates running Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg running facebook without getting a MBA . Really? Why do they need Satya Nadella and Sheryll Sandberg? Because they are MBAs. Get your facts right.

Communication: After 10 years, if you wake up one day and forget everything that you would have ever learnt in your B-school, one thing will still stay on. It’s communication skill that a B-school teaches you. Right from talking to strangers to get your surveys done to talking to your closest friends you become a newer person altogether.

Networking: There is a group task assigned. You are being asked to lead it. You are hearing the name of  the 6th member of your group for the first time. How do you get to him/her? You ask people. That’s the first skill you learn in a MBA course. You will know how to extract information from the unlikeliest of the sources. By the time you reach your team mate, you would have spoken to 10 different people sending an equal number of  Linkedin and facebook requests. That’s a normal day in the life of a MBA student.

And then, you tell me MBA can’t teach networking!

Selling: Everybody joins a MBA course for better career opportunities. How do you get a better career? You sit across the interview board, or across an angel investor if you are starting up and sell yourself/your company. Need more proof? I hope not.

Writing: I wrote this article in 20 minutes. I rest my case.

Politics: Business and politics go hand in hand. Every MBA school worth its name gives a special importance for its students to track the latest news and analysis. Various competitions are held round the year, industry interactions where the current happenings are discussed and dissected. Knowing political happenings at the back of his/her hand is a virtue every MBA student develops in the course of time.

MBA is a comprehensive course which changes your life for good. Go make the most of it without falling prey to the fools syndrome.

Vinay Biradar

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