When Linkin Park Meets CV – Aastha, IIM Lucknow

The months of July-August in India witness the Monsoon in all its glory. There is greenery and freshness all around, life springs from every crack and crevice, flora and fauna thrives.

Yet you enter a B-school campus in India at this time and you see an altogether different “Business-ic” World! Proud and happy fresh admits into the institutes, metamorphose into perennially short-on-sleep, worry-lines-on-the-forehead creatures. they are all seen with their noses buried in A4 sheets chronicling their lives, “the single most one piece of paper they would ever make (or so they are told). Yes, you guessed it right. It’s the season of  CV preparation in B-schools across India!

They say, yesterday doesn’t define you. Umm, the CVs and the general preparation towards the hallowed summer placements tell you a different story. You see your life, being boiled down to exams, numbers and certificates. How correct is the procedure, well that’s a story for some other time!

What would happen if our childhood favourite Linkin Park gets into the b-school mode, and changes itself to LinkedIn Park!

Let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth!

In The End: The CV making reprise

(It starts with) Master CV, I don’t know why

It doesn’t even matter, just makes your brain fry

Keep god-knows-what in mind, they designed this grind, to keep you up in the nighttime

(All I know)

A review slot is a valuable thing

Watch your senior as your life they wring

To make it trickle down to the end of the one-page

For every CV point you pray

(It’s such an ordeal)

Didn’t know I was an ordinary Joe, no points to write, I got a big blow

Used ‘power verbs’ and  ‘spikes’ to put up a decent show

I framed a point, just to watch it go

Running into the second line

And I had realized I never was smart

When I see perfect CVs, eventually compare to them to mine, and I

Had just one POR, I stretched it far

But in the end, verification matters

College certifies, work ex complies

But in the end, my school doesn’t bother

One thing, I don’t know why

It doesn’t look good, no matter how hard you try

Get the header-footer right, make the margins alright, never figured out how

(I tried so hard)

Despite there being no confidence in me

I dream of being a part of The Big Three

Wonder how I got so much audacity

And look where the resume has gone so far!

Now the CV isn’t the way it was before

I wouldn’t even recognize my own anymore

Never thought what I did back then

Would all come back on the CV in the end

Every line baked and fried and it’s all beautified, CV making’s such an art

Versions I made three, fin, consult and marketing

Each showing a different side of me, (when in reality)


I just passed exams, did nothing else at all

But I do have dreams, I hope they don’t shatter

Am such a goofball, amidst CFAs and all,

Let’s not pretend, I’ve been beaten into a batter


I had donated blood once

I planted trees back in school

And all this

Is coming handy to fill up the resume

I wrote a blog once, too

Came 3rd in some quiz at school

But dear companies,

There’s this one thing you should know


I am an ordinary GEM, simple life so far,

But in the end, getting here doesn’t matter?

Give me one chance, i can be smart

In the end, it’s just the CV which matters? Or does it…?