Why Aditya Birla Group is a big part of my life? and How I have overcome challenges to achieve my goals

Aditya Birla Group is the third-largest Indian private sector conglomerate with its services in various sectors like banking, cement, fashions, metals and many more.

 UltraTech Cement

My grandfather runs a timber depot in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. His main business includes selling fly ash bricks. Cement is one of the materials used to build fly ash bricks. From the past 15 years, my grandfather is using UltraTech cement. We get the highest profits in this business by selling fly ash bricks which would not have been possible without UltraTech cement. The trust that my family has in this cement is one of the reasons why ABG is big in my life.

 Fashion and Retail

In my childhood Pantaloons played a big part in my life. We could get affordable, high-quality clothes for the whole family in one place. So Pantaloons was the shopping destination for the family. Now brands like Van Heusen and Louis Philippe which are some of the largest apparel brands in India that offer premium clothing. The clothing of these brands makes me look more confident.


My family has been using Vodafone mobile services for a long time. Now with its merger with Idea, it has become the largest mobile service provider in India. Vodafone-Idea played an important role in my life by connecting me with my family with their amazing services.

ABG with its community initiatives and rural development schemes, tells us that not only brands but initiatives like these are a big part of our life as being a socially responsible company; it brings pride to me to be part of the ABG family.

 Challenges Overcome to achieve my Ambitions

During the first year of my engineering, I got addicted to an online multiplayer video game called Dota 2. I used to play the game for almost 14 hours during weekends and 10 hours during weekdays. My grades have started falling. I realized that I was addicted to this game during my second year. It took me more than 2 years to control myself from not playing Dota 2, which is a very big achievement of mine. Initially, I started trying to reduce the number of hours I used to play Dota 2. After more than 1 year I was finally able to limit my playing hours to just 4 hours a day. Then I started setting targets for myself to play only 3 games in a day. It then took me another 1 year to finally play Dota 2 on my own free will. Finally, during my fourth year, I was no longer addicted to Dota 2. Now I have completely stopped playing this game.

Another ambition of mine was to get into a B-school. After writing cat 2017, I got a good score but then I got rejected in almost all B-school interviews in 2018. So I analyzed what must have gone wrong during the interviews and prepared myself for the interviews that I will give in 2019. But before that, I had to prepare again for the exams and crack them. So I had to constantly work hard for 6 months, crack the exams and attend the interviews. This time during the interviews, my last years’ experience and proper preparation have helped me get a seat in SBM, NMIMS Mumbai.


Shashank Pamidi

Shashank Pamidi is currently a first-year student at SBM, NMIMS Mumbai. He graduated from SRM University Chennai, majoring in Electronics and Communication Engineering. He worked as a Full Stack Engineer in Cognizant Technology Solutions. He loves to read fiction novels and watch TV series.


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