Why To Leave A Lucrative Job For a Degree?

When I was a undergraduate student, i was one of the CAT aspirants.I had no defined reason to do an MBA,it just came out to my mind. I got calls from few private B-schools to take up the journey. To add more confusion to my decisions,I got two jobs in one go,getting remembrance of killing two birds with one stone.Even though the job is not a fancy salary job,I decided to keep my MBA project aside basically expecting the monetary benefits from job.

But,I have blind zeal and passion towards MBA even though i did not know what would be the take aways from the course.Later, while on job, obviously at some point of time we will get bored of your work  if there is no recognition. So ,I decided to prepare for MBA entrance exams again. Fortunately or unfortunately, I don’t know what to say i was promoted to higher cadre in my job. The happiest part of promotion for me is more than 100% hike in my salary.I was on cloud nine for almost three months.

I started the assignment of higher role,after few months i realised that it was not going to be a cake walk for me as i have dealt with clients,employees and diversified cultures.Initially, i started to struggle but i searched my comfort zones and settled over there.Even though i was not satisfied with my performance, i am surviving as the environment is not that much  fittest.

One day,a new incumbent was added to my team who recently graduated from a good B-School.Even though he is younger than me he had sounding grip over knowledge,soft skills and presentation.In a glance everyone thought that he is the  team leader leaving me aside.Those were the days, where for first time in my life i started self deprecating myself.Eventhough that young guy did not have sound record of academics,MBA made much difference in his thinking and communication process.I was fed up off my performance and realised i coud not able to survive much longer in this competitive environment with the skills i possess.I could really sense my stagnant position in future at that point of time.

I quit the job to pursue  Executive MBA.I have been admitted  into a unique and great B-school.We have global renowned faculty at subsidised cost.After stepping into a B-school i came to realise why it is called as a school.During our childhood days in our schools,they mould us into a define and regular shape with which you can sustain in life.In B-School they unfold new chapters in your character,life,behaviour and skills.They make you land in uncomfort zone. When you are in bad environment your best skill comes out. It is been only a two month journey so far. I feel like,i learnt so many things in short span. Apologies to readers as i am in a stage of improving my communication skills i am not that much impressive and effective. In few months i will upgrade my language to specific level.