Wings Of Wisdom – IIFT

Well it was April 11,2018, when I was working at my Bangalore office, I was already getting goosebumps because of IIFT WhatsApp group and then it was around 4.30pm and a message flashed, RESULTS ANNOUNCED!

My heart started thumbing at it max and I was nervous too. Out of desperation, I first checked the list which contained the list of students for Kolkata. My name was not there. Closing my eyes, I gradually opened the Delhi list and started Searching for my name and the result gave 3 searches found. Again, scrolled down the list to finally see my surname in the list. Tears rolled down my eyes. It was perhaps the best moment of my life. I was finally getting a chance to pursue my dream and that too from a dream college. I took the pic of the list containing my name. In my family group posted that pic with a simple message, “finally selected for Delhi”. Called all my near and dear ones to inform them. I Took a long breathe and thanked the almighty for this blessing.

The date for commencement of class was 25 June. I had 2.5 months before the classes were to begin but excitement level was at its peak. Even before I was a part of IIFT family, I started getting a sense of Uniqueness that IIFT had. Why and how it is different from the other MBA institute and why it is among the premier MBA institutes of the country. The media committee comprising of a group of seniors were helping us with all our queries and also guiding us with the required basic knowledge required for our smooth functioning in class.

The most interesting and probably one of its kind was the concept of roomies and loomies. 2 rooms will have common washrooms and 6 people will share it. It shall have one common entrance. Hearing this I was shocked and astonished. Never had heard anything of this kind. Finally, the day arrived, on 25th June we were asked to report to the auditorium at 8.30 in full formals.

As soon as you enter the campus, you will be welcomed in the campus with a beautiful sculpture of Wings of Wisdom meaning with Wisdom comes the wings and with wings of wisdom you can fly till the top of the world and there is no limit.

Wings of Wisdom at IIFT, Delhi

The list of surprises was in no mood to halt. We got to know a culture of not locking our rooms. None of the rooms are getting locked. This is because of trust and faith that every IIFTians have on each other.

Here in IIFT seniors play a vital role in every junior’s career. They work hard to make each one of us industry ready and help us in preparing for all types of competitions.

Also, IIFT has a culture of oneness where in 8-10 people eat together in 1 plate just to save time and every guy is more than willing to share his plate.

Last but not the least, had always heard that academics is most rigor in IIFT but after the grand fresher’s party, this preconceived notion also got away and I too became a firm believer of the fact that IIFT believes in work hard and party harder.


ABG Company:

Aditya Birla Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate, headquartered in Mumbai, with a revenue of $44.3billion. If given a chance I would like to work for Lifestyle the retail store of ABG. I see a lot of scope and opportunity in the retail sector amidst the ecommerce price war. Also, it deals with youth and I would be able to better connect myself with the brand and work towards its expansion and growth.

IIFT Placement Commitee