Women in IIMs – Class of 2015

We had predicted this on Jan 10th. Happy to confirm now. IIMs L and K will cross 150 women (>33%) with a fight to the finish for the top spot. IIMs Bangalore, Calcutta and Indore also score centuries(>25%).  IIM Ahmedabad also expected to better its tally but will stop short of a century. These are not official figures since commencement of the new batch has not taken place. It is a developing story and we will get you more details soon. Keep watching this space.

IIM Kozhikode lost pole position last year after IIM Lucknow tweaked its criteria and stole women from IIM Indore (number went down from 95 to 75) and Kozhikode ( down from 130 to 100 odd). IIM Kozhikode and IIM Calcutta took a leaf out of IIM Lucknow’s book and decided to award extra marks to women for just being….. women.

IIM Bangalore had decided to increase the gender ratio too and for the first time the number of women had hit the 100 mark at IIM B in 2012. They will continue to have a similar number this year.

IIM Calcutta and IIM Indore will have over 100 women in the PGP batch for the first time since their inception. IIM Indore came close to it for the Class of 2013 but fell short by 5. IIM Ahmedabad is not expected to reach the century mark but will beat last year’s number too.

Over 700 women will graduate from the older IIMs in 2015. That is more than the total number of women that graduated from all the older IIMs in the years 2000 to 2005. It is more than all the women who graduated from the older IIMs in the years 2009,’10,’11.  One should also factor in the fact that batch sizes have gone up since then. This year batch size at Bangalore and Kozhikode will see expansion.

We wait for official figures in July. Keep watching this space for more. There may be minor changes.

Acceptances by Women (Official) as on 16th June :

IIM A – 75+

IIM B – 105+

IIM C – 105+

IIM L – 150 +

IIM I – 110 +

IIM K – 150 +

We are not giving exact figures since there is bound to be wait list movement till 25th June which may change the numbers slightly.

Update : Economic Times reports official numbers and % of Women at IIM C  may just be a touch under 25%. Read here

Update – 24th June : Over 180 women set to join IIM Kozhikode

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