Women’s Dilemma in the Corporate World

With International Women’s Day on March 8, I ponder on the state of women in the so called majestic Corporate World which enthuses one and all.

They say we are moving towards equality: equality at home, equality at work, equality at marketplace etc. but for a country like India, I feel rules and regulations don’t really matter, what matters is our deep routed narrow mindset across generations. This restricts our thoughts and discernments to go beyond the established societal norms.

Looking from a management perspective, women’s position in managerial roles has improved, although not to the extent it should have been. Pursuing MBA from a premier B-School, I have always dreamt of reaching great heights in my management career but one thing that haunts me is whether the society would support me, if my parents would be proud of me working late hours, if my in-laws would be supportive if I travel cities to meet my job requirements and most importantly would my better half be the same loving and caring one even if we don’t catch up for dinners.
My mom is a working lady. She has been through all phases of work-life balance and the problem a working woman faces at every stage of life when crossroads made her sacrifice her career. Looking at my dreams of doing a Sales and Marketing job, she gets apprehensive. Understandably, since society has been the major source shaping her thoughts.

Recently I attended a panel discussion of IIMK alums on ‘’Women In Management” held during one of the Alumni Meets. The panel had both male and female alums at senior management positions. The discussion mainly revolved around how women face difficulties during maternity or during promotions when they have to sideline their career aspirations because of their family needs. It is quite intriguing to know that even after such difficulties, girls like me aspire to be like those who have proven themselves against all odds like Mother Teresa, Indira Nooyi, Kalpana Chawla, Patricia Narayan among others.

Let’s all make a promise on this International Women’s Day that we will let every woman in the country live her dreams!!

Thanks and regards,
Mansi Verma
Student, First Year
IIM Kozhikode




I completely agree with your viewpoint. We find so less women in top positions though we know that some women deserves it. Things are changing nowadays.
Let me highlight one more point here. The problems become more aggravated in case the woman is a fresher and has to tie-knot early because of certain unavoidable circumstances. Then the pressure to handle job and family dilates which can let her to step back and choose one between the two. So, in my opinion, having a clear picture of life as well as career contour will aid in balancing these two nuances.

Aditi Ranjan Katariya

I truly agree with your thoughts as being a working woman at managerial level and being married at the same time requires full attention towards both the sides. Women are supposedly required to have a better work life balance which if not maintained u lose out on either of them..A supportive family is the only thing that can help you achieve great success in watever u do..I hope mindset of people change and women have more role to play than just being a thing…luckily I have people around me who treat me as equal and full rights to live my life on my terms.

Himanshu Verma

In a transitioning society like india, where the traditional roles of women as homemakers and caretakers are deeply entrenched from generations. As we know family structures and female roles vary across countries, but overall, women continue to be the primary provider of domestic and childcare responsibilities. so in my opinion, the problem is with traditional mind set of family and other half. In a society where a large number of women who are entering the workforce are first generation women professionals ,it would appear that the perceptions of work and family balance may reflect some unique difference in corporate world.
As progress made by women needs due recognition,more empowerment, need respect. Its time for action to end violence against women and as a boy ‘ A promise is a promise’
The objective will be clear once the importance is understood.
yeah i agree with your study for betterment and furtherance.


Very Nicely written Mansi…. Great Job done !!
The issue you’ve raised is very pertinent to the present scenario, especially in a country like ours, where we say we are moving towards gender equality in all spheres, but the pace has not been matching our thoughts. However, due to aspiring young girls like you, who wish to climb up the corporate ladder, I feel we can all hope to see some change in the near future. Women have not only proven to be great home-makers but they have also proved their mettle in the Corporate jungle. Its time they get their dues, they get the freedom, respect and position they deserve in the society.
Hope to see many such young and exuberant female managers-in-the-making like you to lead the way.
P.S. : Your one single message can ignite a 1000 such minds. 🙂

Arpit Agarwal

Equality need to be justified, not only on the basis of women and men but also on the basis of caste (when intercaste marriages are still not allowed), on the basis of poverty lines( where rich business men get benefits of scholarship while poor still had to face difficulties in doing so) even education system demands equality while considering cut-off scores….. Time had come up !!!
We can’t just think , we have to do something to bring CHANGE and it will come when persons like you take a step forward then there will be time when generation like us will bring the change either by changing mentality or by moulding other person traditional beliefs…
Appreciate your efforts in writing about equalilty for men and women , Nice work Mansi