6 Things That Make IIM Trichy Special

What Makes IIM Trichy Unique?

IIM Trichy was established in the year 2010-11 as a part of the Eleventh Five-Year plan. This young and vibrant Institute focuses on not just growing academically but also professionally. Currently, IIM Trichy is a sweet spot where on one side, it can leverage the IIM tag, which now is half a century old and at the same time experiment to deliver the best-in-class academic experience for its student body. Experimentation, IIM tag and the growth trajectory the Institute has seen in the past seven years does make this business school unique, but still, I’ll focus on some of the peculiar aspects.

  1. Faculty – Imagine when an ex-investment banker takes up your finance class, or an ex-management consultant takes a strategy, here at IIM Trichy faculties make sure that academia meets industry practice. Apart from boasting the highest number of faculty members amongst all second-generation IIMs, the quality that the faculty brings regarding merit and experience is no less than any premier business school.
  2. Endless Academic Possibilities – IIM Trichy’s academic curriculum is curated in such a sophisticated manner which enables a student to have a deep understanding of at least 2-3 management domains. With courses like International Business Practices and global faculties taking electives during the international week helps students to gain deep insights at a global level.
  3. Campus – Strategically located 15 minutes from the Trichy International Airport, IIM Trichy’s 170-acre campus is one of the most modern business school campuses across the country.
  4. Tangled Relationship with CFA – From winning the national finals of CFA Research Challenge to CFA University recognition, IIM Trichy is the preferred campus for finance amongst 2nd and 3rd generation IIMs. It’s not uncommon to see IIM-T’s students’ crack CFA exams alongside their MBA.
  5. Make A Difference (MAD) – A compulsory part of the curriculum at IIM Trichy, MAD gives students the opportunity to take up social responsibility and ‘give it back to the society’. In this world where every other business school student is behind the pursuit of wealth or power, it reminds students to be humble again.
  6. Live Projects – What’s better than applying classroom theories in live business problems? That’s the opportunity; a live project gives you. Live projects are available across domains and across the industry to get sufficient experience.

In a nutshell, it shouldn’t be wrong for one to say that IIM Trichy is one of the fastest growing business schools across the country.


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This article is written by Rutul Shah – Class of 2019

IIM Trichy Placement Team

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