7 Traits Of Effective Marketers

It is often said that a Marketer is one who is able to sell anything at any time. They are the ones who create demand and keep the market flowing. Following are the 7 traits of a successful Marketeer. If you have these traits, you might very well go on to choose Marketing as your future.

1. Awareness of the Market:

Staying up-to-date with the contemporary scenario is inevitable. If you are always curious to track the trends of the business world and different brands, then Hey! You have one of the important traits to be a Marketer.

2. Your superpower is Storytelling:

Create a good story to tell your friends can be very engaging. Do you always make it interesting for strangers to listen to you? If yes, then you have a strong quality to sell your idea effectively.

3. Inspiration is what you always look for:

If you are always looking for motivations to make yourself better and always look up to inspiring figures to change yourself, then a marketer is one of the things that you can consider to be.

4. You never hesitate to try:

Experimenting continuously with new ideas, methods, technologies and way of life is imperative for any successful person in the world. Marketing isn’t untouched by that either. So, keep up with this trait to win the world. Keep trying because assuming everything is not a thing that works in the marketing world.

5. You just don’t wait, you always execute:

Many people around the world come up with many creative ideas every day. But what eventually creates a difference is its execution. Having an idea is the first step of the ladder, to reach the summit of success, effectively completing the task is vital.

6. Curious Cat:

Being a good observer is a trait of curious people. If you are fascinated by the promotional activities of various brands and if you are eager to know what goes around in the world, Marketing is going to be very interesting for you.

7. You are always building a meaningful relationship with people:

Don’t get confused with the philosophical lesson of building a relationship. It is rather marketing-specific. Marketers always come across in direct or indirect contact with people in which building relationships are unavoidable. If it’s easy for you to make people feel at ease and getting them to think that relationship with you is beneficial, then marketing is meant for you.

Word of caution: The above is not the exhaustive list of all the traits of marketers and essentially not a pre-requisite in taking marketing as your specialization, these are the traits with which your interest is defined. But if you are fascinated by marketing and that is all you want, then go ahead; it is waiting for you.


About the Author:

Dipal Patel

PGP 2017-19