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Why Do Marketing Firms Prefer Freshers?

The first thing that strikes us when we think about fresher's is the energetic, raw perspective. The new brain, the personalities which are not stalled by the pressing factor of

How To Make A Marketing CV Ft. Shivdeep Singh, Summer Intern At Nestle

Shivdeep is a 2nd-year student at IIM Lucknow, majoring in marketing. He interned at Nestle during his summer internship. At IIM Lucknow, he is also a part of Prism, the

Make A Positive Impact On The World - SOLVE With HP

Do you have entrepreneurial enthusiasm and agility to tackle real-world problems? Then come, SOLVE to create experiences that amaze you!SOLVE is a pan-India case study competition, designed exclusively for trailblazers

How To Prepare For Placements In Marketing Firms?

There are three major types of roles comprising of Brand Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, and Business Development Manager which are offered during both Summer and Final Placement at B-Schools by

How To Answer Tell Me About Yourself Question In Your Placement Interview?

Have you wondered how you can get that coveted marketing internship at an FMCG company? What does it take to crack that marketing interview? How do you stand out from

Sales & Marketing Roles After MBA: Salary, Skills Needed, Opportunities, Companies & Jobs

It is rightly said that there is no point in having a world class product or service if it cannot be sold. This is where the Sales & Marketing team

Should You Pursue An MBA In Marketing If You Have A Background In Finance?

This question perplexes many aspiring MBA aspirants who kickstart their MBA journey. Although this usually happens when the second year hits them, requiring them to decide their specialization, many are

IIM Marketing Professor Explains How To Start Learning Marketing Without Reading Any Theory

When it comes to management and business, the depth of knowledge that IIM professors possess is second to none. These individuals literally have PhDs in various areas of business, and