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Take a Seat in a Marketing Case Study: Why Should a 40Y Old Brand REBRAND Itself? Ft. BIMTECH

We are back with another video in one of your favourite series, ‘Take a Seat in an MBA Classroom’.

Why Do Marketing Firms Prefer Freshers?

The first thing that strikes us when we think about fresher's is the energetic, raw perspective. The new brain, the personalities which are not stalled by the pressing factor of

How HUL Innovates To Build Products That Consumers Love, Ft. Sushri P, Global Marketing Manager

How are India’s most-loved household products made? How does a company with a legacy as strong as HUL keep reinventing its offerings? And what role does a brand manager play

I Said Mujhe Sales Nahi Karna Hai, Give Me Marketing, Ft. Kalyani S, Tanishq,TAPMI Alum

At Tanishq, Kalyani Seshadri doesn't believe in serendipity, but getting up and fighting back.

Switching Careers To Marketing And Consulting At Deloitte & KPMG With 1 Year MBA

Industry professionals often feel the need to change their career trajectories and upskill themselves to keep up with changing business trends. Himanshu & Ashutosh are two such professionals who decided

Digital Marketing Quiz | Win Rewards Of Up To Rs.10,000!

As digital adoption across the world grows, Digital Marketing is here to stay, and it’s the way of the present and the future. Even traditional businesses are pivoting to having

5 Marketing Trends That You Can’t Avoid In 2022, Ft. Sandeep Das

Gone are the days when brands were only concerned about making their products visible to the consumers for them to make a choice either to buy or skip them. Now,

One In-Demand Management Skill That Can Boost Your Salary In 2022

As per LinkedIn’s 2022 Job report for India, 82% of India’s workforce is preparing to switch jobs in this very year and 45% of them are confident about their next