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3 Major Skills Every Marketeer Needs To Have Ft. Dr. YLR Moorthi, IIM Bangalore | Part 2

Continuing his talk with us, Prof. YLR Moorthi takes us through some very important insights from the world of marketing. From examples of companies who have nailed the marketing game,

25 Podcasts You Need To Listen To Right Now

These days, thanks to COVID 19, you have lots of things to listen to. Too many, infact. Audio stories, audio books, podcasts, there’s a lot of material out there to

10 Certifications To Be Job Ready In The Post COVID 19 Economy

Deferred internships and PPOs, as well as delayed college terms, mean you have plenty of time to learn something. All and sundry have been telling you to upskill yourself in

The Best Management Blogs To Read During The Lockdown

COVID-19 is no more a disease that affects the human respiratory system. The effects of the disease have also started showing its impact on the economic and industrial domain. Even

The Best Free Resources For Every Aspirant Joining A B-School In 2020 | Tips By An IIM Calcutta Student

Congratulations, your hard work has finally paid off. You overcame all the hurdles and achieved your goal. It is time to pat yourself on the back. Enjoy and celebrate. You

How Can Marketers Create Business Impact During This Economy? - Part 3

This is Chapter 3 in a blog series. If you're new to the series, please read the first part and second part, before you proceed to read this.In our last

Is COVID-19 Affecting Consumer Behaviour Positively? - Prof. Ranjan Chaudhuri, NITIE

Thanks to COVID 19, the way consumers ineract with products and services has changed drastically. From everything being available at the click of a button, to settling down for what's

Top 4 Marketing Trends & Skills To Look At Post COVID 19, Ft. Prof. Ranjan Chaudhuri, NITIE

Ever wondered why we buy and how we buy? What influences our buying decisions? As a retail enthusiast or as someone interested in marketing, you need to know that each