A Unique Way To Promote Dental Health In Japan – Strategy With RS

Friends, do you know what you have to do to get a free appointment with a dentist?

Just buy an Apple!

Yes in Japan, Matsumoto Apple has unveiled a line of Apple that includes free & personalized consultation with a dentist.

A buyer has to buy Matsumoto Apple, which will feature a QR code.

She has to take 4 bites of the Apple & click pictures of the bite marks on her mobile phone. She has to scan the QR code, which is there on the Apple – which will take her to the Matsumoto app and upload this picture on to the app.

Bingo! Within 24 hours she will get an appointment for a free & personalized Dental Check Up.


Business lesson for us:

1. You can create preference for a commodity also – in this case Apple – through conceptualising a smart strategy.

2. A strategy has to reinforce the brand values – Apple is associated with health. This strategy will strengthen association of Apple & health.

3. The customer should find your proposition valuable: Your strategy should offer a benefit which customers find valuable.– in this case a free dental consultation could be ‘valuable’ to many customers

4. Buzz: A strategy, which creates Buzz – gets people talking about it – is likely to have a greater impact.




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Balaji Y

Sir, though this strategy creates a demand for a commodity [which is apple in this case], is it viable? Let’s assume that free dental consultation is provided only to people with visible symptoms of dental problems. In that case, only people who think they might have problems might actually buy an apple. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Rajesh Srivastava

1. If customers were rational then your conclusions is right. But research after research indicates that customers are behave irrationally on most occasions …

2. Also there would be many people who may just buy it to get a feedback about the state of there dental health

3. This strategy would create buzz … I have written about it .. you have posted a comment about it …

Rajesh Srivastava

Balaji … I am happy that you are happy with the response! Take care & do stay in touch!