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Is Sexism Dead? - Strategy With RS

Jack & Jones recently released an advertisement that showed Ranveer Singh carrying a miniskirt-clad girl on his shoulder with a tag line - ‘Don’t hold back. Take your work home.’This advertisement came in for widespread condemnation because it blatantly portrayed sexism, which was believed to be on the wane, if not

Inside The Mind Of Captain Cool - Strategy With RS

MS Dhoni record suggests that he is a very successful captain.As he steps down as India’s ODI & T20 captain, I am reminded of a selection of his sayings that will gives us an insight into why he earned the sobriquet - Captain Cool1. You don’t play for the crowd,

Times Now Strategy To Strangulate Republic TV? - Strategy With RS

Did you notice that #TimesNetwork launched a new channel, #MirrorNow, earlier this year?Why did they launch this channel?To proactively, counter the impending threat posed by #Arnab’s News Channel!From where did they derive confidence to conceptualise & execute this strategy?From their previous success!For that let me take you to 2005, when the dominance of Time

How To Get Customers To Own Your Brand? - Strategy With RS

Do you still take all decisions relating to the long-term profitable growth of your brand? The answer probably is yes. After all, the brand belongs to your enterprise and it is your job to ensure that it stays in the pink of health.Unfortunately, as Bob Dylan warned:  ...admit that the