Aagaaz 2.0 | IIM Amritsar’s Cultural Induction Night | A New Peregrination

You may remember a thing by reading or listening to it, but you will never forget it when you’re a part of it.

Taking the trite metaphor ‘Breaking the Ice’ to a new level, the students of the 2018-20 batch of IIM Amritsar organized and participated in the second version of ‘Aagaaz – a new peregrination’

The event was provided as a challenge by the Cultural Committee as a part of their induction process, which the new batch of 107 students not only took sportingly but dramatically exceeded the expectations. Coloring the canvas with the colors of their flair, the students took the best possible way to introduce themselves. The result – a few of the students are now called for the performances they gave, and the songs on which they performed.

Being completely organized by the new PGP04 batch, the event saw overwhelming participation. Coming from various backgrounds like dramatics, dance, music, etc. the students prepared extensively in their respective departments and presented a power-packed performance. The event also featured dance and singing performances, stand-up comedy, fashion show, skit, musical band performance and mime to provide wholesome entertainment. Also, special efforts from the engagement and management team ensured that most of the batch would be on the stage performing. The juniors also took care of the spectacular decoration of the auditorium and flawless anchoring of the entire event. AAGAAZ team also compiled an engaging video enlisting the responsibilities of each and every member of the talented participating team- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-N3nQIm4av8


Engineered with the entrepreneurial spirit, IIM Amritsar is planning to host multiple events like this to extract both the active and latent talents and help them integrate with the competitive spirit of a B-school.


An author (Chiaroscuro, Glimpses, BBCKCCS), an avid daydreamer :) IIM Amritsar PGPM 2017-19