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How it all started… (How Aditya Birla Group established its presence in my life)

ABG products have been a crucial part of my life, especially in the past ten years. Be it communication (cellular network), product purchase (shopping), accommodation (Ultratech), or lifestyle, ABG has a permanent residence in my life. I started with using the Idea Network when I received my first personal cellphone. There have been many instances in my life where Idea has saved me from getting lost in a new city, be it a remote place or the unholy hours after midnight. This saving streak continued with clothing outlets like Pantaloons and Peter England. From buying gifts for friends and family to taking care of personal clothing needs, the retail outlets have been a boon, especially after I hit puberty and there weren’t many options to choose from in small cities and have maintained a steady presence in my life till date. Unlike the above, my latest involves something I initiated, with my first salary, and after a lot of introspection about this particular measure – investing in ABG Sun Life. I started it last year and this step was crucial for me with it being my first time investing what I had earned. I had not known much about investments before, and my family was encouraging in that regard. The agent who presented the portfolios for various companies explained the concept thoroughly, clearing any doubts I had and gave me a choice to choose the one I found most beneficial. Out of all the alternatives, I chose ABG, and I’ve yet to regret my decision.

How I overcame challenges to achieve my ambitions in life so far:

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both… and I—

I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” – Robert Frost

The first time I read this poem, I was in 9th standard. ‘The Road Not Taken’ had a profound effect on me. I didn’t realize it then, but a few years down the line, I faced a similar situation. At that point, I could relate to it so very easily. For the majority of my life, I harbored the dream to be either an architect or an engineer. I loved the concept of building something from scratch and shaping it into something useful, wonderful, something new. The idea was rooted in my mind, and I worked hard all through my school years to build a foundation for it. My first hurdle was Physics itself. I gave it my hardest efforts, tried cramming even, but still, I couldn’t understand it as well as other subjects (I still can’t!). In spite of it all, I persevered. And then came the board exams. It was a trying time for me. My family had certain expectations, I had certain expectations. Sadly, they were for naught. I had A-Levels in everything except Physics. It was, honestly, a low blow.

Despite that, I was determined to make it through. I gathered my resolve, registered myself for almost all common admission tests (for Indian colleges), gave the exams, and waited. It was an agonizing wait. I fretted a lot, tried to be productive in the meantime, and kept myself optimistic. It all went down the drain. Again. Physics – again.

Here I had the option of dropping a year, studying the same course and attempt it all anew. Or I could make do with a sub-par college and squander away my time, my parent’s money, and an opportunity to be something, someone worthwhile.

I contemplated in misery over the situation for days. It was something that would frame the rest of my life. It was a monumental decision – to continue on or to diverge.

I decided.

I took neither.

I still had one option – to build from scratch. In my yesteryears, I had the privilege of being taught by a tremendous professor who ignited a flame in me to learn. He inspired me to be better, to utilize my potential, and diversify my limits. Hence, I made the momentous decision to pursue Mathematics at the University of Delhi. I was starting from the bottom, and the way uphill was riddled with challenges in every walk of life. But persistence, hard work, and honesty always persist. I waded through rough waters in the coming years, and I survived. Now I’m at IMT, grateful for this opportunity and glad I took the road less traveled by.

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Nupur Upadhyaya

Student at IMT Ghaziabad