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IMT Ghaziabad

Everything you need to know about IMT-Ghaziabad. From IMT interview experiences to student life, internship experience to placements, specializations offered to prep tips, and more!

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How These Students Found Their Preferred Career Choices Post MBA, Ft. IMT G Students

For Hiba Khan, Manish Kumar, and Shantanu Shivam, the choice of doing an MBA came in naturally when they became sure of their interest areas. And, at IMT Ghaziabad, they

How We Converted ITC & Goldman Sachs Internships To A Full-Time Job, Ft. Shantanu S, Kanav K, IMT G

When it comes to choosing either Finance or Marketing, there always seems to be a confusion in the minds of B-school students. For some, it comes as a natural choice

Look For Long Term Goals Before Joining A B-school, Ft. Satish U(Amazon) & Pragya S(PwC), IMT G Alum

Pragya Shree went on to explore the world of Finance after studying Planning and Architecture for four years. Satish Upadhyay sailed with the Merchant Navy and decided he likes the

How these B-school Students Bagged Internships During The Pandemic That Shaped Their Careers, Ft. IMT Nagpur

In a time when multiple summer internships were revoked by organizations after organizations, some companies did make sure that the promises were kept and the students received a very different

How I Survived A Major Accident And Kept Chasing My Dreams, Ft. Aaditya Singh, IMT G

Imagine suffering a fatal blow in the form of an accident right before your final semester examination? An unplanned occurrence that changes the whole course of your life. Something similar

How this engineer found his love for HR and became a ‘Career Match Maker’, Ft. Bitan Banerjee, IMT H Alum

What would lead to your preferred career path always stays uncertain. For some, it is a clearly charted course, but for majority of students, it is a self-searching path that

How does a specialized MBA offer you a better job prospect after B-school? Decodes Prof Biswas, Dean IMT Ghaziabad

What makes your career soar higher trajectories when the world is reeling through uncertainties. At a time like this, when B-schools and the world of education is going through a

IMT Ghaziabad: Salary, Placement, Campus Life, Selection Procedure, Fees & More | Know Your Campus

An institute that is situated at the fag end of the Delhi NCR, IMT Ghaziabad has risen to become one of the prominent private B-schools in the country. Not just