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IMT Ghaziabad

Everything you need to know about IMT-Ghaziabad. From IMT interview experiences to student life, internship experience to placements, specializations offered to prep tips, and more!

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Why Entrepreneurs Decide To Learn More About Business & B school education, Ft. IMT G Students

Imagine running a business of your own before walking into a B-school and getting transformational ideas to scale it multifold!

The First Job After B-school Isn’t Going To Define You For Life, Ft. Sidharth S & Kumar S,IMT G Alum

We have all heard about the much-talked-about Alumni meets in B-schools. But, what if we bring them under one roof and document their experience and journey for you to see!

Chakravyuh 2023 | The Olympics Of Indian B-Schools

The battleground was set, the teams were ready, and the air was charged with excitement and anticipation. The IMT Ghaziabad campus had been transformed into a thrilling arena for the

Why Exceptional Profiles Are Needed In An MBA Classroom?

Isn’t it about time for your unique individual and remarkably prominent achievements in extracurriculars to not get flown under the radar, but get rewarded in premier B-Schools of our country?

B-Schools Need To Think 10 Years Ahead Of Time, Ft. Dr. Vishal T, Director, IMT G, Ex LSE

A question that a lot of you must be asking yourself right now with the fast-changing world currently, is the question we posed to the Director of IMT Ghaziabad, Dr.

Google's Most Asked Question About IMT Ghaziabad | AMA with IMT G Admission Chair

We know you search about your dream b-schools a lot. And not always land up at the right place to find the information that you are probably looking for. Hence,

A Day In The Life Of IMT Ghaziabad: Decoding The Campus Life Of An MBA Student

In this episode of “A Day In The Life Of… “ we went to IMT Ghaziabad to explore their campus and what goes on daily in the life of a

Taking Action To Solve Consumer Problems Sooner Gave Us An Edge, Ft. Laksh Sharma, Swiggy, IMT G

Choosing a stream you are interested in at a B-School is an arduous task for every student. In this video, Laksh Sharma takes us back through his journey about how