‘All questions are in context, mostly related to you, your background and your form’ – IIM Ahmedabad Media Cell


In the series of Institute LIVE Chats going on InsideIIM, this is the Transcript for the chat with IIM Ahmedabad. Some of the common queries were answered by the Media Cell at IIM Ahmedabad on the Interview Process and Life at IIM Ahmedabad.


Sushma Kambagowni Tips for preparing for the interview. Topics we should concentrate on?

IIM Ahmedabad Media Tips for preparing for the interview – Regarding Topics, know your academics in your out (especially if you don’t have work experience). If you do, know what you’ve done at your job inside-outKnow about the city you stay in, your institute, your state and current affairs in general.

Also, a general myth on IIM-A Interviews is that they ask you anything and everything. This isn’t true. All questions are in context, mostly related to you, your background and your form.

Be careful about what you write in your form, because the interview question follows it closely. Your Writing Ability Test also forms an important component of the things they ask you about. More importantly, have a very clear answer as to why you’d choose to pursue management.


V G What type of question can an engineer with 4.5 years of experience expect in PI?

IIM Ahmedabad Media If you have more than 2-3 yrs of work experience, expect to be asked questions on your job, what you’ve achieved in that time period.

V G What is the procedure to change AWT-PI dates in case such a need arises. Does IIM A entertain such request on account of overlapping dates with other PI’s? If yes then by when we can apply and what’s the procedure?

IIM Ahmedabad Media Yes, there is a process to change your AWT-PI dates. Please contact admissions office.

V G Do IIM A put some minimum total score for final selection or the top candidates as per final merit are taken? In 1st case some seat can go vacant. Does this happen?

IIM Ahmedabad Media The number of seats are defined and the top students get through.


Parham Lajurkar PGP ABM or PGPM? Which student are able to get more packages? I got an interview call for PGPABM.

IIM Ahmedabad Media PGPABM is a reputed program in agri-business. There are excellent companies that recruit from this program. Apply to programs if you are genuinely interested in them. We’d recommend not making decisions on the basis of “packages”.

Parham Lajurkar Please tell me what kind of topics are given for essay writing in WAT Abstract or Factual? And do artistic essays get more marks than factual ones?

IIM Ahmedabad Media It’s now an Academic Writing Test. It’s about conveying a thought process. It’s not about artistic expression. Last year, it was a case based piece where students had to provide their opinions in a structured manner. Additionally, there was a personal write-upThis year, we are only privy to as much information as has been released in the document public to allThat said, the Academic Writing Test judges your ability to think, articulate and structure your opinions clearlyDo not worry too much. That said, reading magazines to have an understanding of structure is good.


Gunjan Solanki Can you tell me how many doctors got selected last year?

IIM Ahmedabad Media We cannot provide that information. However, there are quite a few doctors at IIMA. And not just doctors, we’ve had dentists, vets, Biotech students etc.

Gunjan Solanki I’m currently doing my internship (MBBS) so, I have passed my final year. Technically internship is included in MBBS curriculum, so, what kind of certificate will I need to prove that I’m doing my internship. Would internship order suffice?

IIM Ahmedabad Media Please direct such questions to the admissions office.


Aravindh P G Will our performance in ABM interviews affect our chances for PGP in anyways?

IIM Ahmedabad Media The admission process for both is separate.


Vishal Garg Can you tell me if having work-ex of >2.5-3 may go against in some cases?

IIM Ahmedabad Media Having a work-ex does not work against you. In fact, one of us typing here has 3+ years of work exp, so worry not.


Ramkumar Durairaj What kind of profiles is offered to the students with 46 months of experience in IT backgrounds? Are we allowed to sit for companies from other sectors?

IIM Ahmedabad Media Once you’re inside IIMA, a plethora of profiles open up. You are not necessarily restricted by your background.


Navin Gurnani I have an experience of 1.5 years. Should I concentrate more on acads or work front?

IIM Ahmedabad Media Work-ex of 1.5 years means you could expect questions on both fronts.

Navin Gurnani How pivotal will working with an NGO be in our interview?

IIM Ahmedabad Media Your choice of workplace reflects your personal inclination. It depends on how you answer the questions directed at you in this regard.

Navin Gurnani What % of weightage is given to PI and AWT score?

IIM Ahmedabad Media CS = 0.50 (Normalized PI Score) + 0.10 (Normalized AWT Score) + 0.40 (Normalized CAT Total Score). You can find this here


Nakul Kothari I want to enter in Business Analytics Industry post my MBA. If in interview they ask what all subjects would you take, or in which subject will you specialize, then what should be answer. As none of the school provide special courses in Business Analytics.

IIM Ahmedabad Media IIMA does not provide a specialization. 1st courses are common to all. In the 2nd year, there are several electives to choose from. It is unlikely that professors will ask you details of courses. You are expected to understand your own plans and ambitions, nothing beyond that.


Raghu Menon Is there a conscious decision to encourage diversity after Interviews are done? For example, will a guy with more marks be overlooked to facilitate the entry of a girl to improve class diversity?

IIM Ahmedabad Media We cannot comment on the selection process. Rest assured, it is meritocratic in nature.

Raghu Menon What are the common/biggest mistakes people make during their Interviews?

IIM Ahmedabad Media Lack of preparation and lack of confidence are the most common pitfalls candidates encounter. Prepare well and be confident.


Rachit Tripathi How are the summer placements ADM final placements for IIT grad fresher?

IIM Ahmedabad Media Placements are usually very very good. For everyone – Don’t worry too much about that. There’s an excellent placement to do that worrying for you. You get really good opportunities to intern and get placed at some of the finest companies (regardless of your background). For now, focus on the interview.


Sowmik Reddy Are there any seats available for PGPABM for students other than agricultural background? Are PI questions based on Agri related?

IIM Ahmedabad Media Yes, the questions are generally not, but you may get an agri based question depending on your background.

Sowmik Reddy Are separate GD sessions are conducted for PWD students?

IIM Ahmedabad Media There are no GD sessions.


Shantesh Verma I have 3+ yrs of exp in a manufacturing industry. Can I expect more questions in pi from current job or from graduation subject and college final yr project?

IIM Ahmedabad Media It is expected that you’d get a lot of questions from your current job because you have some work ex. However, don’t ignore your graduation and college projects.

Shantesh Verma How important is XI and XII mathematics for pi? How to prepare for that?

IIM Ahmedabad Media Chances are because you’ve done reasonably well at CAT, and you’ve completed 3-4 years of undergraduate education, XI and XII mathematics should not be a problem.


Akhil Mathur Since I’m in my final year of engineering, how many questions should I expect to be on my acads? Or do they focus more current affairs etc.

IIM Ahmedabad Media Interviews are subjective. The flow depends on the profs and on you. Since you’re in your final year, there’s a very good chance of getting questions from your acads.

Akhil Mathur What is length of the interview?

IIM Ahmedabad Media The length isn’t fixed. Could be anything – Usually 20-40 minutes.


Riya Gupta What kind of questions can a metallurgy and material science engineer (fresher) expect?

IIM Ahmedabad Media This is too specific a question. Hopefully, you’ll be able to reach out to a senior from your college/stream to better help you with that prep.


Rajesh A How much does extra acads going to play a factor in interview?

IIM Ahmedabad Media Talking about extra-curricular activities, if you’ve done well at it, you could be asked questions based on it.

Rajesh A But I don’t have very good extra acads. Will that play an important role in interview?

IIM Ahmedabad Media Play to your strengths.


Aaditya Dhama Can you tell about the challenges faced by reserved category studentsAre SC/ST students able to cope up with the rigorous curriculum and does it also impact the placement process?

IIM Ahmedabad Media Everyone learns at IIM. it’s a close knit community where everyone helps each other. There is no distinction made between students of different backgrounds. Placements are also uniform.


IIM Ahmedabad Media Introducing the Official Facebook group for extended interaction for shortlisted candidates. the request should be messaged (inboxed) to the Official IIM Ahmedabad page

Request to join it with your CAT Login credentials and Email ID https://www.facebook.com/groups/1406736412952828/


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