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'Think As An Entrepreneur Act As An Engineer And Behave Like A Human' - Deepak Arora, Director General Of Minda Vietnam Automotive Company Ltd - The Real Life MBA

In the current era of globalisation, learning how to expand is very important for budding entrepreneurs. Though Internet is flooded with concepts of International Marketing and various books written on how to gauge an International location as best suitable one, when and how to enter, and how to market the

Concepts Of B2B Branding - Deepika Mallyk, IIM Bangalore

The good old definition of a brand which we all know is that a brand is a name, a sign, a symbol or a logo that identifies the good and service of one seller and differentiates them from others. When someone asks us to define branding in a small sentence,

Cult Brands And Branding - Deepika Mallyk, IIM Bangalore

There are cult brands that play in the niche areas such as Harley Davidson or Royal Enfield and some are mass cult brands such as Apple with the world literally divided into Apple owners and non-owners. One such example from the FMCG space is Dove with its distinctive proposition of ‘Real Beauty’

10 Quick Facts About IIM Bangalore

1. Movie 3 idiots shoot:The corridors, hostel rooms, classrooms, L square and even the Tanki - famous water tank were featured in 3 idiots movie.  Another interesting thing is though the entrance to the Water tank is closed all through out the year, its entrance is made open for few days