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Haats, Melas, Puppetry, Mandis - Rural Marketing Promotion Strategies - Deepika Mallyk, IIM Bangalore

Approximately 75% of Indian population resides in villages. Hence for many brands, rural markets are gaining importance. Most the consumer brands such as HUL, ITC, and Dabur which got saturated in urban areas are trying to spread their presence in every luke and corner of Indian villages. What are the

Why Mentors Matter - ABG Intern Experience - Deepika Mallyk, IIM Bangalore

It’s said “Don’t pick up a job. Pick a boss”. Being a fresher, I got the first taste of importance of the first boss even before my career begun. It could relate to with what my seniors said, ‘It all depends on your manager’. Finding a mentor, will make the

'What Will You Learn From A Live Project?' – Internship With IIMBx, MOOC’s Platform Of IIMB

 We got an opportunity to design strategy and implement a year-long marketing plan for IIMBx. We worked as external consultants for IIMBx, MOOC’s platform of IIMB. The project consisted of developing marketing campaigning and corporate outreach to various CAT institutes.After the first sip of corporate world experience where each of

'Place Branding - Creating Places Where People Want To Be' - Deepika Mallyk, IIM Bangalore

Millennials in India crave to settle in Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore followed by Chennai and Mumbai. Similar to companies, do cities have brand identities, image and brand equity? How do they promote themselves and meet the expectations of different target groups?Yes, when cities competed against each other for attention and