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Just a dreamer in the real world!

Just a dreamer in the real world!

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Confessions Of A Screaming Heart!

It's 3 AM in the night. I returned home at around 12 from work. The day's going to be an early one tomorrow (oh, it's today already) as well. The logical step for me is to sleep right now. Like 'get-as-much-rest' as you can type? So that 'you-will-be-fresh-for-the-work' type?Oh, but

How To Survive The Second Year At A B-School - Key Tips From An IIM Bangalore Alumnus

"Hey Siri, read my notifications." I was just easing in my apartment, as I commanded my newly enslaved voice assistant to serve me (and this sounds so creepy)!"You have 7 new messages from a-girl's-name-you-need-not-know." As Siri announced this, my heart skipped a bit. I threw my suit on the chair,

A Farewell Letter To Streets Of IIM Bangalore

(Every campus has a set of building, architecture or culture that defines the institution. For IIM Bangalore, it's the 'Stone Walls'; but then, there is one more special wonder in this campus, it's beautiful streets surrounded by mesmerizing greenery. This letter is a tribute to those streets, not only in

MBA Diaries - An Unconventional Letter - InsideIIM Short Story Corner

A cold night, a warm black hoodie; and hands in the pockets and headphones in the ears. Eyes half closed, as steps blindly followed the usual route on the tune of "Perfect". Serene streets, misty air and not even a single living entity in sight. It was just another midnight