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Just a dreamer in the real world!

Just a dreamer in the real world!

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To Dad, With Love :)

Dear Baba,First of all, very very happy returns of the day! :)Now, the confession.I know that I am not the best son, and I have never been. I get angry on you for no apparent reasons, don't call you often, hardly speak for 5 mins a day and the list

A Midnight Walk - InsideIIM Short Story Corner

(This story is part 2 of the previous story, which you can read here. I request you to read it first to make sense of the sequence of events)Thump, Thump.The knock on the door penetrated the sacred silence that no one was daring to break, and then it penetrated three

An Empty Glass - InsideIIM Short Story Corner

"So tell me, whats your biggest regret in life?""Oh, I did not make enough love to her, if you know what I mean." A wink followed and all the 4 faces erupted with laughter.They were meeting after 2 long and gruelling months of internship. They had all the reasons to

Long Distance Relationship In The Time Of An MBA - Her Story - InsideIIM Short Story Corner

(This is an extension of the first part: (Love lasts forever), so please read it before you proceed.)“What work do you have in this place-comm thing? What makes you spend all the nights away from your room all the time? Why are you never accessible? Why can’t you talk to