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From 60%ile To 90%ile In Mocks For DI-LR - A Verified Approach

About a month back, I wrote about the technique that could help you in your verbal section. It basically had tips regarding small quirks you could adopt to intrinsically develop and gradually improve better verbal tackling techniques.In this article, I would like to throw a little light on how I

Social Media Detox - Why You Need To Quit Social Media To Crack CAT

“I studied for an hour, let me scroll through Instagram for 5 mins”,”I gave a mock test. Let me go through facebook for 10 minutes”.How many of us go through these situations again and again in our lives? And How many of us waste 45 mins to an hour on

The Importance Of Word Power Made Easy

A commonly asked question among CAT aspirants is that how do we make ourselves ready for the verbal section. The answer to this question has been answered by many people, aspirants, converts, etc. Sure the answer is practice. If you practice more, you falter more, you analyse more and you

The Art Of Learning, Unlearning And Relearning

We have all been a part of the Indian education system. We have all learned the same technique of mugging up a chapter and answering questions at the back of the chapter. For years and years, we have developed a tendency. Even in college, we mug up the entire chapter so