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Nikita Tayal, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

Nikita Tayal, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

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Budget 2020 Analysis 3 | Consumers And Trade In India

The final part on Analysis of Budget brings to you what you get as a consumer and what will happen to the trade of India. The Government has proposed an alternative tax scheme for consumers and feels that 80% of taxpayers will opt for it. One can form an opinion

Budget 2020 Analysis - Part 2 | The Business World!

This is the second part of the Budget 2020 analysis. If you wish to read the first part, you should click here.The government’s main focus is to make India “Business Friendly” and the government did make some announcements in that direction. It is expected to boost investment in the economy

Analysis Of The Budget 2020-Aspirational India - Part 1

Budget 2020 was the first budget of the decade and came during the crucial time of economic slowdown when unemployment is at a record high and inflation is also on the rise. As such, a lot of stimuli were expected from this budget and it was thought that the government

How To Answer 'Why Do You Want To Join IIFT Delhi?' In Your Interview

Before appearing for an interview to convert the call of any b-school, one question that the candidate must be clear about is “Why does he want to join that b-school”? Why would he go for that b-school over others? This article covers the response to the question –“Why IIFT?”This article