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Nikita Tayal, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

Nikita Tayal, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

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The Ultimate Reading List To Formulate Your Interview Strategy

With the results of almost all important MBA exams out, the next big step is to prepare for the ultimate hurdle between you and your dream b-school-the WAT-GD-PI. While a few have some idea as to how to go about it, many are clueless at this point. Having spent around

How To Crack The IIFT Interview, And What To Expect - IIFT Interview Experiences

First of all, congratulations are in order on receiving a GD-PI call from IIFT - one of the top 10 b-schools of India and the Mecca of trade. However, your journey has just started and now you should prepare yourselves for the ultimate hurdle in getting into your dream b-school

Acing The SPJIMR Group Interviews - A Comprehensive Guide

As SPJIMR sends out its profile-based calls (score based calls to be followed soon), this will be the 1st interview of the GDPI season of 2020 and has unique features of its own. SPJIMR, Mumbai is one of the top b-schools in India and has enjoyed its place in top

Guide To Build Profile For Freshers

Almost all MBA entrance exams being over, one has some idea as to what all calls one will be getting and GDPI preparation must be done accordingly. Landing in your dream b-school will be a huge feat and one must be congratulated for the same but your real journey/struggle will