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5 Ways To Effectively Prepare For GK Section

‘Always keep yourself updated with the happenings around you’. This is something that we have heard and were told to follow since our school days. If you were not told so then, don’t worry now, because as an MBA aspirant, you should definitely be updated with the latest as well

The CEO Who Inspires Me - Indra Nooyi

CEO. This 3 lettered acronym holds a myriad of emotions- be it power, respect, revolution or just some inspiration. In the world of business, we see people holding such positions as the trailblazers. People who not only inspire their employees but also their customers, clients and the society. One such

Logos - The Souls Of Brands

What is it about a brand that sticks in our minds forever? What is it that makes us associate certain emotions with a brand? Is it the product? Or the service?I remember playing the ‘logo quiz’ on my phone a few days back when such curiosity tickled my brain. How

A Story Of Happiness On Instagram - Brands We Love

“Aww Come on! Please do it for me. I know we have skype but we both understand how difficult it is going to have those calls. You will be busy in your classes and I will be running behind the work targets.”This is what a plea from a loving girlfriend