Author: Pranjal Joshi

Pranjal Joshi is a Software Engineer who did his MBA from IMT Ghaziabad. He has been passionately writing articles, blogs, essays etc. for different magazines, websites, newspapers and portals for more than a decade. His areas of interest include politics, social causes, sports, current affairs, spirituality and general issues etc. He loves to express himself as a public speaker and is a prolific writer. He substantiates his writings by means of constructive criticism and satire, he is well-known for his ability to express the truth seamlessly, his thought provoking ways of judging and explaining characters and situations enlightens the audience. Pranjal loves to travel and socialise and is an avid art lover. Give your feedback to the writer at

Getting Candid With A Digital Marketing Expert

  Vinaytosh Mishra has wide-ranging interests in Web Analytics, Market Research and Business Analytics and some of his research papers have been published in International publications of Springer, Science Direct, IEEE-Xplore, ICTIM, ISTD, NICOM and AIMA. He has been a guest lecturer at IMT-Ghaziabad and IMI-New Delhi and delivered lectures on topics such as Product

‘You Know for Sure That You Are Out-Numbered As A Non-Engineer During The First Few Weeks’ – Many Roads To An MBA – IMT Ghaziabad

Parul Sharma from Delhi is a true Delhi-ite! She is an avid reader, a lover of her Netflix accounts and loves to write, as well! Both her parents are doctors and her elder sister works in Real Estate, like herself before she started studying at IMTG.  In Real Estate, she worked with Jones Lang LaSalle

Why Marketing Management? – Interview With Professor Singhvi, IMT Ghaziabad

Pranjal Joshi, student of IMT Ghaziabad PGPEX interviews Mr Sajjan Singhvi, professor of Marketing Management at IMT Ghaziabad, where he discusses the changing face of the marketing industry, placement and hiring from B- Schools, and studying marketing in this interview.     How do you visualise the careers of your students in the industry today and