Author: Pratik Ranjan

Pratik is an MBA candidate at IIM Lucknow. He is an ardent aspiring marketer. His passion for marketing multiplied multifold post his internship with Unilever, where he was conferred with a PPO. Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug & seized by afflatus to read, write & explore, this twenty-something believes in the power of dreaming with his eyes open. He is a columnist in various marketing newsletters and is up for any discussion that involves the nuances of marketing. P.S: He's charged by the fuel of caffeine.
IIM Lucknow Interview Experience

IIM Lucknow Interview Experience | PGP & PGP-ABM

IIM Lucknow Interview Experience Calls: Both PGP & PGP-ABM Interview Location: TAJ Bengal, Kolkata ——————————————————————- WAT Topic: Is greed necessary for success? After close to 15mins of post-WAT waiting, I was called inside the interview room. The interviewers were a panel of two mid-aged gentlemen. Later it turned out that one of them was the

IIM Lucknow Interview Experience || CAT Percentile – 99.97%ile – Rishab Baid

Name– Rishab Baid CAT Percentile– 99.97 IIM Lucknow Interview Experience WAT Topic: Is Automation and Digitisation a boon or bane? After the WAT round, I went inside for the interview. There were 2 gentlemen sitting (both Professors at IIML). I wished them a good afternoon, asked permission and sat down. Tell me something about yourself

26 Marketing Blogs That Every Aspiring Marketeer Should Read

The one word that defines Marketing the best is change. The consumers, the definition of taste, the perception of health, the channels of communication, the decision makers are all changing year after year. This, on one hand, entails immense marketing opportunity for marketeers to define their identity around the changing realities of the consumers. On

The 5 Types Of Friends I Made At IIM Lucknow – A Fresher’s Perspective

The best kind of friendship is with people who are ‘your kind of crazy’. Hailing from a conservative family where parenting and friendship are considered two independent concepts, I realized the importance of friends early on. However, my fixation with the idea of ‘the perfect friendship’ as a 10-year-old, as depicted by every Enid Blyton