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Microsoft, Mobile and Why Microsoft should have bought Slack

I for one, totally buy Microsoft’s positioning as the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud first world. I think it’s an excellent business opportunity, and although the prospect of selling to corporate executives in dull suits may not inspire a fanatic fan-following among the masses, it is

Google's Major Competitive Challenges

Google may have dethroned Apple as the most valuable company by dint of its financial reporting discipline, but I’d say they should keep the champagne on ice. Industry shifts like transition from web to mobile computing are always fraught with risk I think the jury is still out on whether

Why Facebook Looks Poised For World Domination

Of the five American technology giants that are now spoken about in the same breath ( Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft), I believe that it is Facebook that has the brightest future. A rigorous defence of this claim would require a proper assessment of the strengths, weaknesses and addressable

Why Myntra Changed Its App-only Mantra

(hint: I'm feeling unlucky)The reason, in a single word, is Google. The reason why Myntra moved to an app-only strategy was that they wanted to break their dependence on Google. The move failed to pay off and was consequently discarded (the cost - in terms of lost sales, far outweighed any