Why Facebook Looks Poised For World Domination


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Karthik Narasimhan

Please don't underestimate " uberification." Uber has already started collaboration (in fact poaching) with researchers of CMU. Also Facebook messenger and WhatsApp were competing products and the world knows which product won. Facebook can never(at least till now) match the kind of innovation that Google does(project loon, google lens nd autonomous cars) Please compare patenting activity of both companies. The social network can change very fast remember Orkut ? Companies need to try and fail fast... It has taken Fb to add emoticon in like many years.. Also virtual reality is a upcoming field. Though this article didn't cover that topic,it would be interesting to note how Facebook's VR acquisition plays in the market.

29 Mar, 2016 |

Shyam Sunder Ramakrishnan

Hi. Whatever market is created by these "trust-providing" intermediaries like AirBnB, Uber etc (connecting individuals to other individuals), I think Facebook will start taking big chunks out of it whenever it wants to. For the foreseeable future, I wouldn't make any distinction between FB and Whatsapp - FB knew they could have been left behind by WhatsApp, and moved smartly to make an offer the latter couldn't refuse. The reason FB doesn't invest in projects like autonomous cars, glass, asteroid mining etc. is that they seem to have better focus and a clearer idea of what they want to do with their profits - and prefer to stick to their areas of competence - where a lot remains to be done (getting the next billion users on FB - for example). That said, nothing is really cast in stone, and it is possible that FB may be wrong-footed by some of the other companies or a new comer in the long term. Just that for now, it looks as if there are a lot of huge market opportunities that Facebook is really well-placed to exploit.

30 Mar, 2016 |

Chaitanya Anne

I dont accept with few points... felt the post was totally in favour of facebook, which in reality is not upto the mark as mentioned in the post.

6 Apr, 2016 |

Karthik Narasimhan

Hi Chaitanya, Please specify the points which you don't accept so that we can have a fruitful discussion hopefully along with the author. Dear shyam, "Fb Taking a chunk Whenever it wants to" sounds very vague. If they have so much "trust worthiness" why have they not capitalized on it till now?

6 Apr, 2016 |

Shyam Sunder RamaKrishnan

@Karthik - check out this new update about Facebook here http://www.livemint.com/Companies/nALZFTnFG6KMK5T1tFcZVK/Facebook-goes-hyperlocal-in-India-with-services-site.html Facebook is going to launch local services (salon on hire, plumber on hire etc) in India. This is exactly what I was alluding to - when I meant they can take a bite out of the sharing economy - by just connecting people with each other. They will capitalize on it....just that they have a bunch of things to do....which they will do in an order of priority....I don't know where this (eliminating AirBnB) falls in that priority list. Shyam If you read the Livemint Article carefully, one line will stand out. "It is not clear how Facebook plans to monetize this offering". That is the crux of the matter - Facebook DOESN'T NEED to monetize it, whereas, for other players like Quikr, UrbanClap etc, monetization is an existential question. They have no chance against FB.

11 Apr, 2016 |