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Amazon, IBM, Microsoft - Top Tech And E-Commerce Companies For MBA Alumni

Some of the world's most valuable and desirable companies belong to the Technology and E-Commerce industries, and across B-schools, these companies have gained significant prominence amongst all MBA stakeholders who

Technology - Friend Or Foe? | A OYO HR Intern's Perspective

As students of HR, a pressing question that kept coming to our minds was “Is technology making HR redundant?”

Google, Microsoft & Apple Are The Most Desirable Technology Companies At B-School Campuses | Recruitment Survey 2018

Technology & E-commerce companies are some of the most valuable companies in the world. The Top-5 most valuable companies in the world are also companies that you will find in

Impact Of Technology On Jobs

What is the correlation?

From Hunting To Ordering On Swiggy | How We Became Social Media Superhumans - Prof Siddharth | MICA

In a world with more than a billion species, humans evolved as the singular leader of them all. Have you ever wondered why? Aren't we slower than a cheetah, less

Technology And E-Commerce - Alumni Report 2018

This is the sixth edition of the annual Alumni Report on InsideIIM.com. It’s that time of the year again where we take stock of the distribution of alumni from the

Google, Apple, Facebook Are The Most Desired Technology Companies On Indian B-School Campuses

Which Are The Most Preferred Technology, Telecom And Analytics Campus Recruiters? – InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2018

Fintech Trends And Their Effect On The Real World - Konversations Unplugged

Fintech is making us rethink the very basis of our civilization. When you can pay for something with a Bitcoin, the currency that exists only in your imagination and online,