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How Many IIM, ISB Grads End Up At Google, Microsoft, Facebook? | IIM Alumni Report: Tech & E-Comm

“Where do you see yourself in next 5 to 10 years?” is one of the most feared questions & common questions of all time in an interview scenario. This is

Consulting Career: Why & Why Not To Get Into It? | Riya Chhabra, Facebook, ex-McKinsey, INSEAD Alum

Time and again, with our research within the InsideIIM community and outside, we’ve observed that Consulting is one of the most preferred career options for MBA students and graduates. It

China Is Importing Rice From India After Decades, Here's Why - Business News At A Glance Ep.15

2020 is coming to an end. The year that was an anomaly, a blip on the radar is nearing the tag end. Lots of crazy things have happened this year.

Why Is The TikTok Ban Such A Big Deal? | DEKODED, Ep 1

Why talking about TikTok now, you ask? Well, because without TikTok the marketing classes of today might not be complete. A vital part of internet generation marketing is Influencer marketing,

IIMs Release Final Shortlists, Twitter & Facebook Want Employees To WFH Forever | MBA News Ep. 3

What's happening in the world of MBA? What are the latest updates around MBA admissions in India, the impact of Coronavirus on MBA, placements at top IIMs and other b-schools?

Why I Left McKinsey For Facebook Ft. Kaushik S, Global Lead PM Facebook

In this last part of Kaushik’s interview, he tells us of his latest stint, which is at #Facebook. Conventional wisdom is that people who enter #McKinsey don’t leave. Yet, Kaushik

How Relevant Will Facebook Be Despite Instagram's Rise? - Shubham Khurana, Manager, Facebook, Ex-HUL

In this video, Shubham Khurana, Client Solutions Manager at Facebook, Ex-Treebo, Ex-HUL, XLRI Alum talks about the future of Facebook. He also touches upon careers after MBA.