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Facebook's New Emojis And Body Language - Views From Prabhakar

Scientific research on non-verbal communication began with the 1872 publication of Charles Darwin’s The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals. Every day we respond to thousands of non verbal

TRAI’s Conscientious Stand Against Facebook’s Free Basics Is A Net Neutrality Positive

I’m relieved—and I’m sure so are all fellow supporters of net neutrality—that we no longer need to worry about the possibility that a mighty corporation of the scale of Facebook

Free Basics : Mutually Beneficial Benevolence Or A Gilded Cage

One of the last controversies of 2015 and the first one in the New Year was around Free Basics. After the harsh reception that Internet.Org faced Facebook rebranded the system

Save The Internet - by SnG Comedy

Every morning when I open my newspaper, a 2 – page unmissable advertisement, put out by Facebook, educating me about why Free Basics is good for India, assaults me.

Facebook's 6 New Emojis - Strategy With RS

Till now we could only 'Like' post on FB. But there were times when we also felt 'sad' & 'angry'. But we could not express those emotions.

Google Loon in Sri Lanka and the Race For Control of Last-Mile Internet Connectivity - Strategy With RS

In Sri Lanka, merely 3 million people are connected in some internet, out of the total populations of approx.. 22 million. Imagine if every citizen of Sri Lanka were connected

Kirthiga Reddy, MD Facebook India, inaugurates SPeak : SPJIMR's own public speaking club!

24th of September 2014, Wednesday 1800 hours, the SPJIMR campus was abuzz with the official launch of SPeak – the students’ own public speaking club. To do the honours, they