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Placement Fever

Cometh the hour…Cometh the companies.  It’s that time of the year when first year students across campuses ensure that their CVs are well-oiled or at least in a position to convey something of substance to the recruiters who would come down to campuses in droves. Despite placements in some elite

A day of CPing at WIMWI

9:00 am. We were 15 minutes into our Operations Management class. Almost all the seats in the class were (surprisingly) occupied given the absolute indifference of the majority of the class towards operations.  I vaguely remembered the slot 3 class of OM-1 when the other OM professor, in his first

It's That Time of the Season

It’s that time of the season when the CAT/XAT exam and its 99.xx scores (almost) are relegated to the side-lines as the GD-PI process (and in some cases, the strange animal called WAT), especially for the top-10 B-schools, takes centre-stage. Clearing the next ‘hurdle’ is quite the flavour of the

The many varieties of B-school students (Females)

Having known the different male ‘types’ who exist in the hallowed portals of the IIMs, it is but natural that we explore their female counterparts too. The paucity of the feminine species in these big campuses, more so in WIMWI, makes their presence all the more important.  In an effort